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  1. Thank you! Assuming I go with a Cipher, are any of the subclasses worth it? I've read that Ascendant seems to work well with a priest in group for extending Ascension.
  2. Hey guys I recently started playing PoE2 and have tried to find some solid starting builds for MC but there's a lot of information out there that's based on older patches, with dexterity probably being the most contentious stat when it comes to turn based mode. I've had a look at the wiki to plan out my party and have pretty much settled on Eder (fighter), Xioti (priest) and Tekehu (druid), with flex spot that will also determine my MC class reserved for Pallegina (paladin), Aloth (wizard or battlemage) or Serafen (Cipher). Which means my MC would be either paladin, cipher or wizard (evoker). The problem is that I don't know how to spread out the stats. For Wizard I took 18 might, 8 con, 10 dex, 19 per, 18 int, 4 res. I'm not far enough into the game to gauge the usefulness of dexterity yet and I'm still not fully clear yet if the game works on a round system or if initiative works more like speed in other RPGs, giving you more turns over a period of time. In any case, I'm wondering about Cipher specifically, and how to build it. Ideally I'd like to keep it as close to my PoE1 cipher as possible, which was using ranged weapons (blunderbuss, and later the legendary bow). However, I wouldn't mind some tips regarding starting stats for casters or melees either as it will surely help me with stat optimisation (gear wise) for the companions further down the line. Thanks in advance for answers.
  3. As the title says. I'm playing a content tourist on my first playthrough so I'm not particularly worried by the lack of challenge due to lower level enemies but I'd like to know if this setting also changes (unique) loot before I embark on this adventure.
  4. I gave all 4 pieces to Dunstan once I got them, but this was during the attack by the forge knights so he was standing next to the commander not at his usual place. Once I gave him all 4 pieces I got the normal fadeout but it switched to the spot where he usually stands, nothing triggered afterwards however. At the time I didn't even think it could've been a bug, I thought you just had to return a week or so later to retrieve the sword, but upon further investigation it seems like it's a bug since I was supposed to get the sword right away. I don't particularly care about the sword or achievements but I'd like to get this quest out of my journal - is there a command to trick the game into thinking it was completed?
  5. This is definitely true, but my line of thinking was similar to Nobear's - since most of the stats are relatively close to convo checks I could bridge the gap with items and buffs when needed. However, I then went and checked Aloth's stats and realised that my wizard would not be that much better with an even spread in stats so now I'm really thinking of dumping res and con and max out the rest, as far as it goes anyway. I am curious about your reason for low dex though, a lot of people who post about Wizards seem to favor this stat - what's the logic behind it?
  6. That's right, Bawtzki, but the good news is that you've now made enough approved posts that you're no longer moderated. :D Good news indeed! Thanks for the post, lots of useful info, same goes for the link you've provided. Re my class choice - it's mostly because of roleplaying but my last attempt at the game (shortly after release, got to lvl 11, never finished) also showed that my character (barb at the time) was significantly better at dispatching enemies than the companions I could recruit. So I figured I might as well build my character to be more offensive because I don't like the idea of recruiting adventurers and prefer to stick with the companions that have some backstory attached. Paladin would be my next pick though, preciselly for the reasons you've outlined. I don't know if 8 is exactly dumping. Wizards start with less health by default so it didn't make sense to me to put points there, especially since you get some good defensive self buffs. Dex is high for cast speed, correct. My plan was to use light armor and rely on buffs to survive the fights. I don't know how viable heavy armor is on a melee mage since you still need to get those spells off before you can join the combat and if it takes too long then the fights will be over before you get any good swings in. Now that I've got new information I'm thinking of abandoning the idea of melee mage and just going with the stat distribution from the link that Nobear provided. Maybe with less severe stat dumps though .
  7. I can't seem to edit my post, maybe because I don't have enough approved messages yet. In any case, I've been doing some reading while waiting for my post approval and it seems like perception became very important with the new expansion, especially for casters since you cast less frequently than you swing your swords which makes those misses hurt even more. My revised stats: 15 might 8 constitution 15 dexterity 16 perception 16 intelligence 9 resolve
  8. Hi I'm starting a new playthrough and have decided to give wizard a try this time. I will most likely be focusing on melee spells but I'm having trouble deciding on the starting stats. Ideally I'd like to have a character that can use one of its higher stats for the most common convo checks while still being pretty solid in combat. What I have so far (Human Aedyr) 16 Might 8 Constitution 16 Dexterity 8 Perception 14 Intelligence 16 Resolve (I think some of the early resolve checks are at 16, but I'm not sure. If not I could drop some points and put them into int instead) Thoughts? And yeah I know that you can finish normal/hard with stats all over but I'd still like to build a decent character . Thanks in advance for answers.
  9. Same issue here. I can even go talk to the Knights commander and get the relevant conversation options to get their support for the hearings but Lady Webb doesn't register this.
  10. Thanks everyone for information and suggestions, some really good (if a little extreme) ideas there. I'll probably stick with my original plan but dump a few more dex points and put them into intelligence and cover the rest with inn bonuses and items.
  11. Crossposting this from steam forums: After doing some more reading I noticed that Might, Resolve and Intellect are the most frequent checks in conversations. Can someone who has finished the game already confirm this? I only got to Defiance Bay in my previous save so I don't have first hand information, but in hindsight, it seems to hold true for the first half of the game. Are there any better options for a conversation focused character (that's not too terrible at combat) than what I've written above? Fwiw, I plan to play on Hard.
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