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  1. Speaking of Aloth...Why can't we choose to lock him in the dungeon after he confessed to be a Leaden Key agent? Surely that's safer than kicking him out and setting him loose upon the world, considering by now he would know quite a bit about you and he's easily influenced by others and somewhat emotionally unstable.
  2. What was your background (slave, labourer, etcetera)? How did you resolve the blood legacy quest? What was your class? There's probably more than one trigger. Pale elf Cipher explorer, wiped Aelys' brain and told her to wander, killed all the Skaen cultists. And before I approach the final machine, Skaen showed up automatically.
  3. I was all benevolent and honest without one shred of deceptive and cruel, and still had Skaen making the offer to me? Maybe yours is a bug?
  4. Cool, I didn't know you could do that. Do the companions have special dialogues related to this choice? Do the sacrificed companion turn hostile and you have to defeat him first before ritually sacrificed him or do you just casually push them into the blood pool? What's the other companions' reaction? I hope someone would uploaded this part on youtube.
  5. There is another choice right before you confront Thaos where Aloth asks if you think someone should become the new leader of the Leaden Key. I said no and he agreed, other than that I made the same choices like yours. And my Aloth starts his long journey on dismantling the Leaden Key.
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