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  1. Hey guys, I've finished the game a long time ago and wanted to import a savegame but i renamed it and it won't show up in the PoE II no matter which directory i put it into. (no file found) I've searched the forums and none of the solutions I found helped me. I've tried so far: Putting it into the following directories: C:\Users\Ein\AppData\LocalLow\Obsidian Entertainment\Pillars of Eternity II\CurrentGame C:\Users\Ein\Saved Games\Pillars of Eternity II Renaming the file into: d3f2229ee8c54768b036150dc056c928 25118683 gamecomplete.savegame Could someone please take a look and maybe give me some tips about what else I can do? I'm unable to attach it directly so here's a Onedrive link. https://1drv.ms/u/s!Am7MMW8lBEZanDzQRCWV-o60lddv Thanks in advance Regards
  2. Hey, it seems you guys missed the "best" ending for Zahua in the survey where you end the quest with both legacy and persistance >0. The ending looks like this: "Zahua came to believe that the Tacan had survived through him. He returned to Ixamitl, where he united a number of small, vulnerable tribes under the beliefs of his people. He called them Tacanaquin - kin of Tacan - and under his tutelage they became strong enough to resist would-be conquerors. Zahua taught his secrets not to one chosen person, but to all, that the line of knowledge might never be broken." https://i.imgur.com/EvikuPV.png https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Pillars_of_Eternity_endings I hope you can fix it before launch. Regards. p.s. also some other responses do not align as you can only get them when you don't complete the quest which in your survey is by itself a different choice. Did you play the game? :3
  3. Well idk how to tell you without spoiling too much but there is a quest almost at the very end of the game that gives you +1 to three stats when you choose the "good" resolution.
  4. thanks for heads up, but isn't it like extreeeeeeeeeeemly unlikely to get the missing reputation from stronghold? even if you get all the adventures done, you still have to get the right reputation on top of that. Even more, one of those adventures won't be enough to get to the [Positive 4].
  5. I think it was so in the past but not anymore, at least i don't get anything in the current patch. Are you talking about the named or the generic adventures? Cause the named ones don't give reputation, IIRC, but the generic ones can give quite a lot. idc, all the ones I have received seemed to yield a unique item so I assume I only ever got named ones? do the generic ones still exist though?
  6. I think it was so in the past but not anymore, at least i don't get anything in the current patch.
  7. Is it possible to achieve Twin Elms Positive 4 (Champion) reputation? I checked every quest to have the best possible outcome but at the end i was still 1 Major AND 1 Minor reputation gain short of getting the Champion rank. It bugged me so much that I gave it to myself manually and just after entering White March i see this: How do you explain that? Do obsidian have dialogue options for impossible cases in the game? Thanks in advance.
  8. An extremely nice tool, thank you very much. The only problem that i had with it: if the .conversation file is too big it wont load. p.s. also i noticed that your conditionals do not check for the <Not>false/true</Not> statement which makes it sometimes confusing to understand. Keep up the good work and hope to see you back for the Deadfire!
  9. The concerning part begins in the file px2_04_cv_abydon_finale.conversation located in Pillars of Eternity\PillarsOfEternity_Data\data\conversations\px2_04_eyeless_stronghold with the node 161 where PC says: ""Memory remains a burden, even when the events and people it recalls are long gone. It's pain with no purpose." Their response is in the node 166: "Burdens strengthen the bearer. And they warn against repeated mistakes. "Why would you discard them so hastily?" Now we get a choice between several options one of them is in the node 168, this node checks if Maneha is in your party and if the quest entry is greater than 0. The quest end_state can be either 1 where she is according to endgame tiles "...Free from the burden of her memory.." or 2 "... Maneha had made peace with her memory..." So basically the 2nd check only makes sure that you have finished the quest. Then the node contains links to following nodes with no conditionals in that order: 262 - "Pleasing or no, that memory was a part of her. In surrendering it, she lost a part of herself." 172 - "Yet when she had the opportunity to surrender the memory of that act, she chose to keep it." Now since there are no conditionals coupled to the link, it will always be the first one that gets chosen which was also the case in my play-through despite having her not erase the memory. This ultimately results in the "n_abydon_argument_burden" string getting a +1 where it as far as i understood shouldn't. It seemed very unlikely to me that such a mistake could go unnoticed for so long so I tried to make sure that it's a bug and not my misunderstanding of the story. I hope i could help. Regards
  10. What part of the decision with the adra dragon is hard? You have to choose between saving an ancient and magic creature that the world will unlikely ever see again (even if it is a little cruel) and killing an innocent bystander that didn't do anything wrong in his life. I wish they would make this decision easier by at least giving you an option to use someone else as a vessel who is at least remotely evil. I also didn't kill any other of the 3 dragons so far even though the alpine one seemed not very "nice".
  11. I've read through this thread and feel like sharing my opinion on this because this decision drove me to great lengths. Presented with a choice between: 1. "He burned down your house" 2. "He's not responsible for what happened to your family" I initially really didn't want to click the first option because I try to spare as many lives in the world as i can as long as they aren't inflicting any short-term harm to others. That's why I turned to the second option - it says that he isn't (even a little?) responsible for the family's death. This reply is not marked as lie so by saying that you aren't just trying to save the villager with a necessary lie, but you actually judge him to be innocent on the matter. Naturally I asked myself, if I were to judge him innocent, who is responsible then? Is it the man who mistook him for his enemy? - Not really. Is it the mob as a whole? - He was part of the mob of his own free will, so that doesn't make him not responsible. Let's remind us that we are talking in absolutes here (since he is NOT responsible as the dialogue option implies). And the only way i can think of to justify that position is to say that all we do is already predetermined. Every decision in the future is already made for us and we have no choice on the matter. Only then can you say that he is "not responsible for what happened". I found it to be the second hardest decision of the game after the adra dragon quest so far. Made even harder by the circumstances on how shortly you met your companion and how hard it is to sympathize with her due to lack of understanding. I think they made her with intent to feel "alien" to you. Anyway, sorry for resurrecting such an old thread. Looking forward to play Deadfire! Regards
  12. I've already tried that tool as well. Either way, thanks for the suggestions! This game really has great support.
  13. Thanks for the fast reply! I've already spent an extensive amount of time with this very useful tool but it simply shows/edits the way the quest progresses. What I'm looking for is to edit the already finished outcome of the quest in the savegame file.
  14. That thing might happen because you have too many savegame files in the directory and it takes longer to read them. Just move the ones you don't need right now out of C:\Users\YourName\Saved Games\Pillars of Eternity and you should be good to go.
  15. I wanted to ask a whether it's possible to edit already finished quests in savegame files. For example the Sagani's "The Long Hunt" Quest. It has three possible endings. Is it possible, later in the game, edit the savegame file to have a different outcome? (like 30000 instead of 30002) Here are the savegames for reference: Before the final decision: click Desired ending: click Undesired but persistent ending: click Endgame save which the change should be applied to: click Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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