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  1. My game ended with the Watcher preparing for a long journey iirc. Would that be a quest for knowledge or just enjoying the rest of his current life it's not clear, but knowing what he knows I doubt he would just be happy "living". Are there other endings ? I don't plan on a second play but can't wait for a sequel and especially for more answers through a lot more lore.
  2. I just finished the game and i'm left with mixed feelings about the ending lore wise. You end up knowing the truth about the gods but your choices on ending the story are limited to what a particular god wants. Pretty disappointing. The writers did an awesome job creating this world, can't wait for more, so many questions unanswered. Especially on how these gods were created and what they actually do for Eora following their creation. The Engwithans created the gods (powerful gods whatever that means in PoE) because they sought Order and Purpose but these creations are pretty much idle. Also I hope we get to see whats next for the Watcher. (unless you just chose to become Woedica's or any other fail gods pawn )
  3. I would really love to have some insight on the testing process of this game. There are several game breaking bugs in PoE and I'm also experiencing one. Now I find it very hard to believe none of these bugs were unknown at release... that would mean the testing process was minimal and I would feel offended. If at least one of these bugs was a "known issue" at release but they released it anyway because it would only affect a small percentage of players... then I would feel REALLY offended. Super offended. Dunno about other customers, but I was really unhappy when at 35h played my game broke. I raged and shot my cat point blank. Was a mess :|
  4. Same situation here. I can remove party members but i cannot add any - except newly hired adventurers. It triggered when i removed Kana from the party @35 hours played in order to add Grieving mother and work on her quest. Also Kana appears in random places after this. I do not want to continue playing without being able to constantly manage my party. GOG.com - Hero edition version.
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