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  1. The blackscreen problem does not seem to be included in the preliminary notes of the 1.3 patch. Am I missing something or will I really have to wait for the 1.4 to play the game?
  2. Same problem for me. Actually with the added issue that after this happened, other places trigger the same black screen, for example the inn at Guilded Vale, so I can't really just ignore the keep and carry on. Here is a link for my log, dxdiag and savegame in Guilded Vale. I am somewhere in he middle of Act 2 as far as I understand. https://www.dropbox.com/s/kkcflt5qnkp69w5/files.zip?dl=0 I am running the GOG version on Windows 7
  3. Well into the game I encountered a rather annoying game-spoiling bug. I can't enter the second floor of Brighthollow, as it causes the screen to go black. I read somewhere that it might have to do with the chanter character (not currently on my party), so I reloaded and tried to change my party so that it includes the chanter, and while the party manager told me he joined the party, he didn't show up in the world. After that whatever changes I do to my party are not reflected and I am stuck with the same five team members permanently. I reloaded an old savegame and just avoid Brighthollo
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