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  1. I'm no expert on how the IE works, but I've been doing quite a bit of modding since i stumbled across this projects work. Firstly, I'd like to thank you guys for all the hard work! I'm not sure why this is the case, again could be IE related. I've fixed my texture paths a completely different way with the spells/abilities I've modded. I simply loaded up a save unmodified, took the talent/spell and saved. Then I exited the game, and copied over my modification and loaded up the save. I took note of any changes rest per day > to modular > out of combat..etc. I didn't activate
  2. Its extremely easy, because they aren't really that fast. The area they are in has alot of corners. So with that being said, you can mow them down 1 by 1 if you use a rogue with a bow. The trick is to find the distance in which they will turn back from you (typically near corners). This also means you can't be near them, and want to be on the edge of your field of vision (meaning you can just barely see them). If your party can handle 1 ogre at a time, you can also use this method for pulling them back to your party. I did this with the boss, due to the annoying Ogre druid. You
  3. If the negative penalty from shields applies to spells, then the same can be said about the reverse. Meaning, weapons that have accuracy bonuses also apply to spells as well. You can also use traits to boost up accuracy. Otherwise, talents that are modular that give -acc, but boost your dmg would be useless. Everyone has a right to play the wizard as they see fit; after all this is an "rpg". If you want to talk about what's "optimal", that would depend on your build. I also forgot to mention that there are many spells that are cone or line; making it even more difficult to utiliz
  4. I used a shield prior to getting another good weapon to offhand. If you get enough accuracy from your gear/talents, you can offset the shield penalty. Especially once you get higher level. Wizards can be in the front as well as the back. The biggest disadvantage the wizard has is low stam/hp and defense like deflection/reflex/etc. Though you have spells to compensate this. Unless you build it properly, its pretty hard to be the main tank for your party (due to having to rest). I play my wizard more like a rogue, in terms of engaging from the flank. I let my main tank go in first to
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