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  1. How about you give some credits to Firedorn's own words instead of denying him any kind of honesty in order to keep justifying your anger toward Obsidian? How long will you keep holding your grudge against the devs when the very author of the lines you're pretending to defend said things didn't happened the way you are presenting them? what didn't happen? he/she/it seems to think something happend. why? are we all blind or is it just you?
  2. Since it's been said more then enough times and you still didn't understand it i thought maybe the others weren't direct enough so i registered to tell you that in order to make intelligent decisions, first of all you need to be intelligent. Bragging about rpgs you may or may not have played doesn't hide the fact that you learned nothing from them. Your take on strategy/tactics seems to be comparing 1+1 to 2 in order to see if they really are equal and to top it off you call that skill. Yes the game could give you lore if it were inclined to do so. It could also give you 20 levels from the
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