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  1. How about you give some credits to Firedorn's own words instead of denying him any kind of honesty in order to keep justifying your anger toward Obsidian? How long will you keep holding your grudge against the devs when the very author of the lines you're pretending to defend said things didn't happened the way you are presenting them? what didn't happen? he/she/it seems to think something happend. why? are we all blind or is it just you?
  2. Since it's been said more then enough times and you still didn't understand it i thought maybe the others weren't direct enough so i registered to tell you that in order to make intelligent decisions, first of all you need to be intelligent. Bragging about rpgs you may or may not have played doesn't hide the fact that you learned nothing from them. Your take on strategy/tactics seems to be comparing 1+1 to 2 in order to see if they really are equal and to top it off you call that skill. Yes the game could give you lore if it were inclined to do so. It could also give you 20 levels from the start. But it doesn't. So the sensible thing to do would be to cope with the situation and try to make the best of it. That would be an intelligent decision. And now to the strategy: A party based game requires a party in order to overcome enemies and obstacles designed for parties. (Yes there are people out there bragging about soloing this and soloing that. What they really do is cheat and exploit game weaknesses. It is neither honorable nor strategic nor fun. A very common way is kiting which is only possible on extremely poorly designed games, like this one for example. Yes the game is deeply flawed on several levels but weirdly enough not the one you mention.) So what do you do after coming out of the cave and losing your party? ... Right! You get a new party. I'm sure you guessed that one without hours of pondering. (For some reason the bear will not run off while you do that. Maybe because the game is static or maybe it's his cave. I don't know, I'm not a dev.) Now your character does know there should be a bear in that cave cause an NPC told him so. So your character will want to go back there as soon as he feels comfortable enough to do it. So when will he be comfortable enough to go kill a bear? This is where you should use some strategy. there are several strategies to pick from if you don't have one of your own. just google faqs for any party based rpgs. most of them will tell you you might need at least one healer, at least one tank, at least one dmg dealer. The logic behind this common strategy is that you need someone to keep the bear busy while your dmg dealer kills it and you need someone to heal your tank while he's keeping the bear busy. Based on the dificulty level you have chosen and based on the fact that the games allows you to have 6 party members but doesn't force you to, it's up to you to decide whether you want to increase your numbers or go with the basics. Sure enough, with minimum logic and strategy you can now kill the bear. The metagaming: If done right, the bear should die regardless of his level. Since this is not wow and differences in level do not diminish dmg and def to the point they become useless, there is no need for a level indicator and there is no need for devs to create level based areas. There are indeed creatures out there that can one hit or almost one hit your tank but these are usualy very deep in the game and don't look harmless to start with. This is another aspect you seem to ignore completly. A bear is not a cat. It will kill you if you fight it like a noob. The game doesn't have to tell you that, you should be able to figure that out without saving and reloading. This applies to dragons and storm elementals and what not. Shades are a different thing all together. They don't really look very scary, they don't sound scary but they can kill whole parties. But the reason for that is not their level but their skills/spells. They will ignore your tank and attack support members of your party and summon shadows. This is where the basic strategy no longer apllies and you actually need to use the abbilities of your party members. You will notice that your party members don't have only weapons but also skills and spells. Some of these skills/spells can be used to render shades unable to move/fight/cast. On a final note: Living in some world doesn't automatically give you any information on what different creatures are able to do. Especially in a medieval era fantasy role playing game there is no internet or google or libraries open to everyone and the information they contain might or might not be reliable or usefull. not even in the real world will you be able to google a real bear's dps range. Whether or not one man can kill a bear armed or not depends entirely on the type of man and the type of bear and weather conditions and season and whether the bear is sleeping and the man gets a sneak attack with a shotgut or the bear surprises the man from behind and chews on his head. The character you are playing in this game can have quite a few different backgrounds at that. Assuming he would be knowledgeable of every type of creature's level is so far fetched that one would be inclined to believe you don't lack only rpg experience but also real world experience and any kind of intelligence.
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