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  1. Narrenfeuer wäre die wörtliche Übersetzung aus dem mittelalterlichen Latein (was allgemein oft als Rumpellatein gilt: ignis heißt Feuer und fatuus bedeutet so viel wie albern) aber ich hab das noch nie gehört. Irrlichter gibt es z.B. im deutschen DSA-System (glaube auch im Spiel Blackguards) und ebenso in der Fantasy-Literatur, ich meine mich auch dran zu erinnern dass in einer Sherlock Holmes-Geschichte ein Irrlicht vorkommt. Wenn es hilft: In Disneys Merida wird Will-o-the-wisp mit Irrlicht übersetzt, und in DnD ebenso. In der unendlichen Geschichte von Michael Ende wird Irrlicht ins englis
  2. I've read about this bug a couple times now, glad I'm not the only one. Does the xp thing happen for all your party members?
  3. Both problems still happen after patching. For me, it really spoils all the fun. For any quest I complete, I just keep getting the xp over and over again until xp reach 66k. This is probably some xp cap, right? Does anyone else have the same problem? Edit: Oh, and when I try to leave the area where I got the xp before having levelled, the screen turns black. Also interesting is that only my main char, Edér, Durance and Kana get the xp, it works normal for Sanagi and Aloth.
  4. Im Wiki werden Kith als "civilized races" definiert. In dem von dir genannten Kontext würde ich "Nichtmenschen" vorschlagen. Aber üblicherweise zählen Menschen ja dazu, wenn man es also ändert, kann es sein, dass irgendwo der Kontext nicht mehr stimmt. Wie ist das im Englischen denn? Wird da Kith verwendet und im Journal erklärt? Das würde es nämlich wirklich leichter machen...
  5. It would only fit if ogres live in a tribal culture. Point taken. In what kind of culture are they living?
  6. You're not alone, I had that one too. Also, I had the red rings of killed enemies disappearing, but the enemies lived on and killed my party as I couldn't attack them any more.
  7. As far as I can tell, those blights are supposed to be clouds somehow, right? Wouldn't sound too bad in German, taking Benniiis idea a step further, for example "verdorbene Regenwolke". I'm aware this kinda leaves out the soul part as does the original translation. Let's keep thinking about this. Wie auch immer man es dreht, Pudding ist nicht das richtige Wort :D Eigentlich sind die Dinger sowas wie lebendige Schleimpfützen. Unsere Sprache ist einfach zu akkurat^^
  8. Anything's better than "Oberin". Thinking about it, I'd probably go with the "Oger-Stammesführerin". Und was ist mit der Fäule?
  9. I just wanted to ask a couple of questions. Does anyone else feel offended by "Flammenfäule", "Regenfäule", "Windfäule" etc? Sorry if I overread it. Also, I find "Oger-Oberin" kind of stupid. I'd prefer "weiblicher Oger-Häuptling" - the term "Oberin" is usually used for the (female) head of a monastery and is utterly unfitting, in my opinion. And a "Pudding der Leiden"? C'mon :D (I read "Pudding der Leichen" first, which even makes more sense in my sick head)
  10. I've run into a curious issue: During the fight in the lighthouse with Lillith and her horde of ghosts and shades, a couple of them won't die. Well, techincally they may, as I get xp for the kill; but all that happens is, they lose their "red ring". As a result, I can't attack them any more, but they can and do attack and kill me and my group. Killed by death, I guess. It was the same with the elemental thingies (I guess blights? Sorry, German here...) when I was in level 7 in Od Nua. I play as Admin, it's the same for quicksave, autosave and "proper" savegame. Here's a dropbox li
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