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  1. A spirtual successor to Fallout 2, much in the same way Pillars was for Baldur's Gate. Pillars looks amazing (by far the best looking isometric game I've ever seen) and while playing I can't help but wish there was another Fallout-esq game just like it. Pillars is what I would consider "open world", but you also kind of have to take specific paths, especially at first, to progress so the beginning of the game is largely the same each time. Fallout 2 just gave you a world map and lets you go. You can go to nearly any town that you like right from the start. You could complete the game only visiting Arroyo (starting area) and San Fransico. That sort of "go anywhere you want any time you want" is what has been missing for me. Wasteland 2 had the "theme" of Fallout, but it didn't have the open world (it let you choose which areas to go to first, but it was all largely required and with few hubs). Honestly, it may not even need to have the setting of Fallout, at this point, just having a game of any theme that gives you that sort of freedom would be great, though I do prefer guns or sci-fi over sword&shield.
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