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  1. Aeolisio's fix worked for me. Based on what I had tried earlier, I'm guessing there were leftover files in appdata that weren't being removed by the uninstall that were the culprit. It is a completely fresh game, but the saves actually work now.
  2. I just tried this, can confirm it works. Was unable to load any of my saves or a friend's, works fine now. Based on what I had tried before I'm guessing deleting the appdata folders was the big thing. Thanks for posting this!
  3. Just tried loading up a friend's save. The game isn't recognizing it at all, no option to load from it. Does anyone have any idea where the config file for the settings is located? It sounds like that could be the issue. While reinstalling windows worked for epmode, I'm sort of hesistant to go through all that when I don't even know for sure what is causing this, so it could just happen again.
  4. Once this happened, none of my old saves worked at all. I poked around some, but I wasn't able to figure out where it's saving the config files. I tried disabling my cloud sync, and even deleting all the remote files for the game, still no dice. Trying it from fresh with the cloud enabled/disabled doesn't seem to matter. I sent a save made right away in the prologue to a friend, and he can load it fine. If I try to load the same save ingame before exiting, it the map darkens and npcs disappear. Exiting to the menu and trying to load the save just loops me back to the menu. Tonigh
  5. I'm having this issue as well. The saves show up, but trying to load one from the main menu brings me back to the main menu. Starting a new game, and trying to load from ingame causes half the ui to dissapear, and the game eventually crashes. I tried verifying the local files, then a full reinstall, but no dice. Enigmatick, were you playing trial of iron? My first playthrough was not, and it was working fine, but I started over thanks to the dissapearing passives and unconquerable breaking focus on cipher bugs. Problem started just a bit into the trial of iron playthrough. I don'
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