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  1. I was thinking about going for all the crits I can have with figher and barbarian. BTW doesn't the requirment of having cipher for tactician defeat the puropose of tactician in the first place? Cipher can spam brilliant to party members anyway, no ?
  2. I'm planning do make Brute character. I've seen that lots of ppl recommend devoted but I wonder if tactician would be a solid choice? Also whats better with Brute Crushing Blow or Barbaric Smash ?
  3. Fire godlike for 4 damage reduction or moon godlike on DPS monk ?
  4. I lovie DPS monk too! Was thinking about moon godlike too man, but after some thought i went a fire godlike for the extra 4 damage reduction. I figured out that i have a priest for heals and it's cool to have better damage reduction after i got some wounds!
  5. Transcendent Suffering is not working properly. With each level of this ability the dmg in its description is raising and from level 2 this ability also gains unarmed accuracy. The accuracy is added to character sheet. But the main point of this ability which is the extra dmg to unarmed dmg is not added and is also not shown in character sheet. Therefore for now i think this glass is broken for anyone who wants to play unarmed monk and use it's main passive ability. Can anyone confirm this?
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