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  1. Tricky question, lot´s of options Let´s see... A new RTS set in the Silmarillion ages of Tolkien´s work. In spirit of the Lotr RTS games, but with more traditional mechanics and a bigger scope. (or Witcher 3 like game int that setting would be incredible too) Speaking of fantasy RTS, something like that but in the DnD setting. Dragonshard was ok, but you could do that way better (maybe Total War style?) Paraworld 2. I think this is one of the most underrated RTS games in history (maybe after Dune: Emperor). It left on a cliff hanger, so they could actually continue on the story. A revive of the Black Hound...aka BG3, which got cancelled despite being almost done, because publishers lost their mind and went to consoles >.< (<- seriously angry face) and when we are at it...Icewind Dale 3 wouldn´t hurt either. Oh right...either a rework HD edition of Star Trek Birth of the Federation, or better, a second one.
  2. Yes, people are actually more up in arms about Minsc (and Safana and Jaheira for that matter) than the whole "trans" thing. Because it´s out of character for Minsc to say this line, and inconsistency in a character people know for almost two decades is really miserable writing, just so the writer can take a jab at some online movement. It´s cheap and for roleplayers (we are talking about an RPG after all), it can be an immersion breaker. The CEO of Beamdog also realized this now, and they are removing the line. It´s a small step, not that it improves the overall quality of writing.
  3. GamerGate a boogieman? They've already released a mod that removes all mention of them being transgender, describing it as a "correction". Totally not a transphobic movement, though. And totally against politically-motivated censorship of video games, of course. Man, this whole thread is a cesspool. This debacle makes me ashamed to be associated with video games. Here is the thing though, how do you know that this modder has anything to do with GamerGate? I´m firmly against what they did, and i don´t mean the trans char, but i see no reason to identify with any group for that matter. I´m not even sure what GamerGate even stands for now. Seems more like a spit into the face of Beamdog for them forcing their agenda into the game and badly written tokenism. Reading his description, it seems like he is just sick of it. Also, there are a lot mods for BG1+2 that add party companions for all sexual flavours, which should show that this isn´t really about sexism. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. A lot of people really like it, but i´m not such a big fan of small army or squad based combat, which is why i prefer Dawn of War 1 over the second game. Company of Heroes sits around 5 hours of gameplay in my steam list, that will probably never change :D As for the topic, I would like to see some sort of return for the C&C franchise, keep it fun and cheesy, but EA ruined that one. (nothing new hu?) Grey Goo was ok, but hated the mission design in that game, that really turned me off from playing more. Ashes, haven´t played that one yet, but have seen nothing to positive about it. Act of Aggression could have been good but also suffers from some big problems like dumb AI and the setting isn´t very interesting either. At least we got some decent new editions of older RTS games. AoE 1-2, AoM etc. They could bring back more, but unfortunally Publishers like to sit on their IP´s. No Dawn of War 3? Why not a decent fantasy RTS in the DnD setting? A new Dune wouldn´t hurt either. The problem, i think, is that RTS is also considered a niche, with the exception of Starcraft (which most people buy for the story anyway). And when Publishers think it won´t make them Call of Duty money, the tend to not finance it.
  5. What? Here: https://www.gog.com/news/definitive_edition_bundle_baldurs_gate_i_ii_icewind_dale You will not be able to buy the classic versions on their own anymore from GoG. You will only get them with Beamdogs EE´s. Or in other words "buy our product if you want the classics you sheep"
  6. Kinda, it´s pandering. However that is not really the issue here, it never was. If you care to read, i will add my comment and break down that i posted on Boogie2988´s video. I will break down eveything that happened now, because the comments also show, that there are a bunch of people who do´t get it, and i have spend most of my time following and discussing this mess since the addon came out. In contrast to what Beamdog wants you to believe (or people like Jim Sterling who can´t do his research..what the hell is wrong with you?), this has NOTHING to do with a trans NPC. The only reason this false narrative doesn´t die, is because it´s get reinforced by Beamdog and all the not so smart users who are either just repeating what Beamdog says (sheep) or intentionally are coming to Steam to accuse the playerbase that THIS is their problem. If you take a look at the forums and the reviews, you will see that 99% don´t care about this specific NPC, if anything, they are angry that it´s a petty representation that could be handled better. Point being, it´s just a symptome of the real issue, horrible writing for the sake of ideology. I may have found 2 people who are really against it, and one another who does´t support it because it´s against the lore of a world, where a thing like transgender wouldn´t even exist, a world in which all it takes to change your look, gender, even your race is all but a little bit of magic. The issue, is that said writer, a self-proclaimed Social justice warrior, whatever that means to you, is not only a really bad writer (the ending sucks). But also decided to forcefully emphasize her world view into an established setting and world. And worse, what really pissed people off, she had the nerve, to take beloved and established characters from a classic game, change them and use them as her mouth piece. Not only is that horrific writing, retconing and character breaking...it also shows the sheer arrogance and disrespect about the original material. Which ironicly, is what brings in money for Beamdog. And why? Because she thinks that a character was sexist or wrongly portrait. That further shows how much of a dummy writer she is, because she doesn´t understand the original characters and their tropes at all. This is sh*tting all over the legacy of one the best made RPG´s of all time. This issue is all over the expansion, here is a well written summary of her forcing her views into the world: http://nichegamer.com/2016/04/04/tale-dragons-memes-dragonspears-writing-horrid/ But even if we ignore this, here is the next problem. The patch 2.0 that accompanied the DLC, broke not only BG1 in several ways, but also BG2. Because Beamdog decided to not care about the quality of it at all. I can´t list all bugs because there are too many. From glitchers, a poorly designed UI (i´m not talking about taste, i´m talking about poor design, more clicks to do what you want and actual textures overlaying things like prices in BG2), MP broken, selfcasting AI, which is NOT ok in such a combast system, a respawn system that does nothing but makes things a chore and adds too much xp, and so on. They did this DESPITE people already saying it´s horrible during the beta. They didn´t care. This brings up the next point, Beamdogs middle finger to the playerbase. No word on how and when they fix this, no support what so ever. When people started to critisize, they slienced them, baning, closing threads. Then they asked players for positive reviews to counter the negative once. When that didn´t work they tried to blame the gamergate movement (as if most BG players even are about this, being an older demographic). When that didn´t work they accussed the critics of being sexists and bigots, again not getting the point or deliberately derailing from them. Then the petty writer tried to rally her SJW friends to go against the critics. Do you people see where the problem is? Do you understand that this has NOTHING to do with a trans NPC, one you can kill anyway for some neat loot? If anything you would expect, that the portrait minorities would actually agree with the critics for their horrible display in the game and talk about the real issues the game has. I for one am happy that Wizards of the Coast told Beamdog to get lost and didn´t allow them to change anything in the original game. I am also happy i got my refund and this shaddy company will never ever get money from me again. People can hang themselves on the false story of the trans character, but it doesn´t change the real issues. That´s the real story here. (on a side note, which also got negative feedback, if you ever want the classic versions from GoG, you better hurry, because Beamdog is going to bundle them with the "not so enhanced" editions and make them not avaible on their own anymore)
  7. Never liked the AssCreed games. But i do look forward to play thru everything in the hardest possible way when the game is "done" (meaning all DLC etc). as strange as that may sound. Maybe i´m just masochistic
  8. What happens when the men are already at home, though? Couldn't find data on Germany (wonder what's up with that), but it's not like women being murdered by men is exactly a new thing here. Ah, wait. I remember now. Honor killings are absolutely more abhorrent than honor-less killings because <reasons>. *nods sagely* Btw, remember when police could "guarantee security"? Yeah... me neither. It happened yes. So called "honor killings" where the susbects have argued that it´s fine and right in their believe, got treated as murder anyway because it´s law. One of the latest...some years ago in Austria...got 20 years and got shoved into a psychiatric clinc...because no one believed that it´s normal to even believe that ****. In Germany it should work the same...however it´s a far bigger country, it happens more often. There is even a whole site dedicated to this thematic (only in german sadly) which shows cases that get swept under the rug. But i don´t know how valid these are. However, several cases are presented every year.
  9. I had a really hard time getting into it...i think it was the combat system. But then i couldn´t get enough. Hope you reach that point, it´s definitely worth finishing it i think. On the other side, i kinda regret finishing it. Not because it wasn´t good, but i expect an enhanced edition...which like the first two games will be the "definitiv" vision of the Devs. That leaves me with a feeling...i don´t know...that the game isn´t finished. Which is unfair, because it´s brilliant. Still ...
  10. Why should they even want that o.O Clearly, it would made them happier if they sold even more, but it´s also obvious that the game was a success to them. I enjoyed it, so thumbs up to them as far as i care. No game is a killer to another one, if anything, game studios(publishers are pretty efficient killing their games on their own :D
  11. Watched Antman with a friend. Considering the source material and that it´s not a popular character, i found the movie pretty well made. It´s an enjoyable watch, and the kids in the theater were also into it, which was great to watch., Unfortunally my friend also had the idea to follow that up with...Pixels....well thats a pile of ****. Just don´t watch it, look up the MovieBob review on YouTube, thats everything you ever need to know about another crime against humanity from Adam Sandler :>
  12. Hm, did Larian say this? I doubt it considering they game is clearly different than a Diablo and i watched all of their promo material and never came across this.
  13. Most MMO´s aren´t more open world then Skyrim or Witcher 3, and in some cases probably even less than a GTA. WoW is a good example (because most know it). You can run around on a continent and thats it. Almost every massive multiplayer activity (which in itself is a joke because 20 people isn´t massive) is done in an closed zone (dungeon/raid/PvP, and these days even storylines thru phasing and personal dungeons). I don´t think a fully open world in a true sense of the word (including realism like seasons and AI behavior), is even technically possible at this point. However they are last trying, some succeed more, some less. But yes, i believe from a marketing point, it´s a useless term and easily thrown around. If you, however, fall for marketing, in an industry that is often caught lying about their products and is full of false promises, then shame on you
  14. I hope it will be a success, i enjoyed the first one and that just makes me really happy. ^.^
  15. I will gladly wait for this game to come out...read some reviews and wait for some time. Total War games are usually a bug ridden mess when they come out, and i got burrned too much.
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