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  1. So you're skipping an entire game, and all it offers, simply because it lacks the option to walk? Honest question here - do you suffer some form of obsessive compulsion, or a mania? Because that's not normal... Everyone has different tastes and quirks, but those don't usually prevent people from enjoying different things. I couldn't play the Witcher without a walk toogle option, many people had the same feelings about it, until a walk toogle was introduced via a mod.
  2. I totally agree, a walk/run toggle is needed. It does affect immersion, especially with not being able to walk in doors and in other areas. I remember the original Witcher game didn't have a walk option, eventually it was implemented and the immerssive level did increase considerably
  3. I've only played POE for a few hours so far, and I'm playing on the hard difficulty setting. And I must say when my party was killed quite easily on around my 4 or 5 encounter, I felt happy. Because I thought "This game is going to require me to think about my combat strategy" After this I began to work at this strategy using the characters in separate ways, and moving them around separately into different positions. Where as if I was to run in with all my characters to attack say 3 Wolf's then really it's a good thing when they all get knocked out. If they killed the 3 Wolf's qui
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