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  1. I will not be making an aggressive spell casting rogue. I mean I am making an Indiana Jones type character. So he should be very intelligent in that he is an expert in history. In game this should translate as someone with a high Lore skill. What's more, I would make him into a ranged Rogue. That means using bows or pistols. He would use scrolls to augment his combat prowess. For example, he would mainly use Scroll of Defense, Scroll of Paralysis, Scroll of Protection, Scroll of Revival and Scroll of Valor. These are scrolls that are more defensive than they are offensive. Additionally, scrolls such as Scroll of Paralysis work great alongside Sneak attack. I am just wondering if it was possible to make a high Intelligence rogue and gain any other benefit from doing so.
  2. Hi all, Its been a while since I played PoE, due to real life concerns but now I am back to playing the game. One of my favorite archetypes to play is to roleplay as an Indiana Jones-esque character. To do that I usually make a Rogue/Wizard multiclass who is very knowledgeable and spends his time dungeon delving for artifacts. If say the rules of that world do not allow rogues to use magic then I make a very intelligent & knowledgeable rogue. My question is can you do this in PoE ? Can you play as a Rogue that is capable of using magic ? If I cannot do that, can I make a highly intelligent and knowledgeable rogue ? Cheers and have a good day.
  3. This is really disappointing. I think we should have both the original limerick and the new limerick. We should not back down and cave into the nonsensical demands of the social justice wankers. Seriously Western developers, grow a freaking backbone. You will not see game developers, say, in Japan caving into this crap.
  4. Hi all. Just got a copy of the game and I am having a blast ! I am currently playing as an Elven Wizard and I have been dying quite a lot. Anyone has any tips on building or playing as a Wizard in this game ?
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