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  1. I dislike any voice acting in crpgs in general, because i play these games in my mother language. It's ruining my immersion when i read something and hear the same in english, so i just disable speech sounds.
  2. gj obsidian i can't download your silly fig edition on gog. well that's what i get for backing games...
  3. The no autosave fixes just a part of the problem at least for me. The black screen before the loading screen is still appearing longer and longer. Also the loading screen itself is still at about 30 seconds whereas when i started the game, a loading screen took just 5 seconds.
  4. it's this thread i think. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/72764-quick-saving-and-loading-times-increased-greatly-after-20-hours/
  5. No you are not alone. But feel yourself lucky, because my loading times are now at 55 seconds for every area transition. Here is the thread for this issiu http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/72764-quick-saving-and-loading-times-increased-greatly-after-20-hours/
  6. ok, now my quicksave takes 15 seconds and changing areas 52 seconds every single time... sry for making another post but i couldn't figure out how to edit my old one.
  7. I have the same issiu with my save and loading times. When i started the game a quicksave was instant, now i'm 36 hrs in the game, my quicksave takes 10 seconds. The same is for loading times when i change zones. Here is a link with my savegame folder and the temp one too. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-_Bil1ZXgt6fkI0WW1hNUp6Vi1iQTJhLXFtdVNkWmJvcTlTVUtlUmtJbjRxNVZ0Wm14Nk0&authuser=0
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