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  1. Close the thread already, the screenshot is faked, none of those tweets exist.
  2. Eder is Level 11 btw. But that also would explain why fights are a real breeze right now. Hopeing for a fix soon, for this and for the whole Saving/Loading Issue. Edit: Just had another look - it stays at 109 Deflection with Defender on at 80 Accuracy. This is also including Zealous Focus though, so he has 94 Deflection / 74 Accuracy unbuffed. (The 2 Difference in Deflection come from the first Screenshot also including a +2 Resolve rest bonus, so the stats check out)
  3. This affects not only the positive buffs but also is prevalent with debuffs. I just noticed it yesterday when fighting a pack of druids. After the fight, the insect swarms kept swaring around them and didn't go away. The visuals disappeared after zoning, but the debuffs lingered on. (The debuffs disappeared on the bottom left after saving) Screenshot 1 (Pre removal from group) Screenshot 2: (After removal from group)
  4. Well. Apparantly we now have a fan patch. No need for Obsidian to do anything. If the people want to remove it, they can mod their game. Easy as that.
  5. This is really worrysome. I do hope that Obsidian doesn't bend over to those people and sticks with keeping the backers note in the game. All the claims around this limerick are nothing short but made up. I had a good chuckle at reading that poem and i don't think anyone who is the target audience of the game would seriously be offended by that. Please don't cave, Obsidian. I really want to like you and continue to support you.
  6. So, at first i thought I was just imagening, but my loading times keep increasing. I'm playing from an SSD, in the beginning, map changes were fast and loading times neglectible. Now, third day playing, i'm progressing through Act II and the Loading Times are bothersome. Map changes take between 5-10 seconds, Initial loading of the game up to 20 seconds. Am I the only one experiencing this?
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