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  1. Loading screens for me take at least 3 minutes a time. OSX 10.1 - I don't have SSDs. I know - people like me shouldn't be allowed to play games. I should be given a cardboard box and a stick to play with and people should throw stones at me whilst shouting, "PC master race!" Then I should be beaten with a ZX Spectrum for daring to pay for a game and expect to enjoy it. Given the design of the game constantly requires you to backtrack between maps, over and over and over, I can confidently say at least 30% of my 10 hours of play has been loading screens. I don't even want to play an
  2. If I press the standard Mac screenshot key-combo, it takes a screenshot of nothing. Basically I get a black image. How am I supposed to show off my character builds to my friends? Is there an actual screenshot key? This kind of gets in the way of word-of-mouth marketing for Mac users. (Also I can't Command+Tab out of the game, which isn't a massive issue because I can always window the game but it is slightly annoying.)
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