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  1. This was the link I used, thank you for helping. http://s14.postimg.org/q1h762lsf/Polygon_Tear.jpg Cant EDIT: It's not letting me put the photo in either, but it is allowing me to access the pic from your link, so folks can just follow from what you posted here. It's not the file size and I just can't figure out what the issue is. ...And with all the new threads and posts and whatnot, I can't look into it. ...But at least folks can make it to the pic.
  2. This post is largely useless without the image that to show what I'm seeing, but I still can't seem upload (tried two different OSs, three different browsers) and editing my old post seems to be disabled as well. Hopefully embedding the image will work.
  3. The Problem: Polygon tearing in upper left corner of screen during initial loading screen and then when panning in game. Polygon appears black during loading screen (see attachment), then goes away about midload. Polygon reappears (but as transparent) when panning. Temporary Resolution: Disable Crossfire in Catalyst Control Center System: AMD Phenom II 945 8 gig RAM KDE Desktop Debian Jessie Crossfire 6870's Proprietary Drivers 14.9(?) from Debian Non-Free Repository Any additional information needed, just ask. Edit: I can not get the image to attach. Using Basic and Advanced uploader. Tried Firefox and Internet Explorer. Presuming moderator approval needed as this is a new account (even though the upload section doesn't make that clear).
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