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  1. Had the same problem - and had to rollback 1 hour (good that I have a habit to save like crazy lol, a habit developed after years of gaming . Dunno how to reproduce but how it happened - after the soul of a bad dude made golems hostile something hasn't triggered properly. I killt a dozen of golems and came to the "mad professor" who was overzealous with his research and said him that he goes to jail - and he attacked. Dunno if that triggered all the guards on a level to become hostile or not but after he attacked me I've moved to the central hall and saw all the guards and NPCs staying motionless - they somehow, er, stopped their animation cycle. And every NPC became hostile after that. On the next playthrough I said "we'll see" to the main dude (he hasn't turned hostile), and after that guards in the central room were dead and the room was filled with those small feral creatures, and NPCs in the next room weren't hostile etc etc. Oh and one more thing - I saved the game right after engaging the "ambush" group after talking to a boy, then did quit the game completely, relaunching and loading the game (just in case).
  2. Vessels = undead and creatures without souls (constructs), as I see it (well, "holy radiance" always damaged any undead I encountered so far) I also tried to test brilliant radiance on my own cleric PC, and also noticed that AOE dmg isn't working on "any foe", nor it's displayed in the damage log.
  3. p.s. if you wanna check the save notice how his resolve and perception grow - that's from the helmet
  4. Seems to be true, a save with a fresh party with temple of Eothas cleaned: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ezovatb0er76tl3/4269e3ed976040909c68bbb845014d48%208095070%20TempleofEothas.savegame?dl=0 Can save/load inside the temple (in both upper and lower level), but once I go outside to the village passive stats from skills/perks and stats from equipment start to accumulate
  5. A way to reproduce the problem - get my savegame: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5vz96rxg803o3gt/68dce621f941406d9e0067e1caf86270%209093824%20GildedVale.savegame?dl=0 (the warrior - check his nutty defence stats - should be half of that -.-) Turn "defender" off, save the game, turn it on again - see that he have more defs now T_T I think this is the root of the many alike problems - stat modifiers that should be temporary go permanent :|
  6. It seems I've encountered the same problem - but look at your Eder defences - they should be half of what they are - I noticed that after save/load they sometimes grow up to those enormous values, and stay like that permanently no matter what you do
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