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  1. Is it too much to expect to deal with three or four shadows having only wizard and paladin in a party ? I am lvl 2, lurking proudly lol Which Class should I take to a party? Warrior is a must or not ?
  2. Wizard sucks couse after every encounter with biger group of foes, he need to be rest to renew the spells, bizzare it is.
  3. Finally found a decent order of spells to kill a pack of wolves and three bandits in third map. Veiled myself first (ability), than Slicken in front of me, than Flames, Jolting Touch etc. I didn't even had to use Wizard's Double. Maybe to wait with Veil in the future couse targets where on the ground for some time? Anyways, what a difference, I didn't know how to do it right a day before. Been killed in 5 seconds. Bear? Not yet, thanks. At lvl 3 maybe? Now, some friends need to be joined first. Bug. I tried it in towern, built a new companion for 250 cps, however, black screen was a result
  4. I had the same difficulties and finnaly chosen these 1st lvl spells: 1) Fan of Flames – Creates a cone of fi re that does Burn damage to everyone caught inside. (couse having a fire spell is always good, lol) 2) Jolting Touch – An electrical current travels from the caster and damages the target, then jumps to the nearest available target within 2m twice, doing reduced damage along the way (reminds me of Homm's Lightning strike think so it was called) 3) Thrust of Tattered Veils – Generates a precise thrust of Crushing force that does little damage but has a high Interrupt. This fast-
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