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  1. Still have this issue with 1.0.6. When will this be fixed? It's a graphics related error.
  2. There's a lot of issues surrounding Unity and various mono assembly managers. I don't know what support framework PoE uses, but if they use something like Cloo for OpenCL access then there could be a bug in the code there that crashes the game.
  3. +1 It still crashes on save. However, for me this only happens occasionally. It's a sigabrt error which means it's not necessarily the game itself, but how it executes on native code. - I find that if you have the saves synced to Steam the save will complete successfully and you can simply load it upon restarting the client. - I have also found the issue to be not 100% reproducible, as saves sometimes works just fine. If it crashes upon first save, I usually restart until saving works normally. - The game has not yet crashed after saves work. i.e. If the game doesn't crash upon first save during a session it will not crash upon subsequent saves either.
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