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  1. Game over for me too. It is sad, complete partymanagement is broken. It started with a missing ranger pet but now there are more and more problems. I have no problem with small bugs in a new game but this is total game breaking. I do not understand how such a bug was overseen in the beta-test?!
  2. In my case the complete party-management is broken. Starting with a missing ranger companion up to white boxes with "name-error" in the partymember select window. Changing zone/map is mostly impossible cause the missing ranger pet gives a "you must gather your party before venturing forth" . I tried to dismiss ALL members but this was no solution. My main charakter was not solo because there was a npc always by his side, not in the party but by his side on the maps. Reinviting the original members was ok and the npc gone but after that there was the nasty ranger companion bug again.
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