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  1. On island south from TIkawara there is a WAel sanctuary with high level mage weapon. When I try to leave the dungeon game crashes (4 times already) and gives me crash report which i attach. This is my only save file after many hours spent on playing. Can GameDeV help me with this problem? Also on my computer setup (i can play witcher 3 ultra high details easy) i have whole range of POE2 crashes on top with unexpected computer reboot. All problems are solved when I turn of every GFX and what observed is that lightining is breaking up whole game... Nice optimizaiton. output_log.txt error.log crash.dmp
  2. Maybe Obsidian doesn't want players to play this game.. Dunno why there is no fix yet.
  3. Just wait for incoming patch. Developers wrote that they fixed this bug and will be out with first patch(hopefully before the weekend).
  4. Maybe the issue is "available" :D only when playing chanter(don't have yet other character but am playing chanter). This could be usefull for someone that can resolve this?!
  5. there is alreadt topic about this issue http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/72016-raedrics-hold-game-crash/ still waiting for official fix
  6. I also got this crash. This is my log file. I think similar
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