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  1. For me this is becoming the most infuriating issue I'm facing. Although not gamebreaking it's a quality of life issue that is really detracting from the gameplay experience. Restarting every 20 mins is like a kid kicking your chair on an aeroplane, or swimming through a warm patch in the pool. I simply can't enjoy it anymore.
  2. Bumping for great justice. Would really like to hear a response given this is a blaringly obvious and universal Mac issue since launch! I want my capes, I wants them, I wants them now. I am a deep roleplaying fanatic and this is legit driving me spare.
  3. Yes I'm having this problem as well (Mac). I'm unsure if it's triggered by map transitions but the framerate will plummet around every 30 mins making the game unplayable until restart. It seems to drop very slightly over time just before tanking.
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