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  1. It looks like the engine at the core of the game is pure crapware.
  2. It runs crap on an i5 with intel iris 5100, there's your answer :.(
  3. There aren't even graphical settings to lower the pain on slow systems...and you ask about multichannel audio? :D Don't forget this is a budget game not an AAA so you'll have to accept some compromises on the tech level.
  4. Cloud saves should be working but they aren't right now, I guess this teaches me not to buy on day 1.
  5. When I try to stream the game trough IHS i get NO audio at all and the game will have a black box all around the game window rather than go full screen unless I set the game itself as windowed on the server machine. This server streams perfectly a lot of other demanding games such us Diablo3, Divinity, Starcraft 2, Dota 2 with audio and everything but not this one. Is this my issue or does anyone else have it? I'm using HW encode on a nVidia GTX 680 and Win7, my client is a Macbook Pro and i get the same result both on Yosemite and Win 8
  6. I sub this, trying to play the game on a Macbook Pro Retina 2013 with Intel Iris 5100 and what's happening on screen doesn't nearly justify how choppy it runs. Backgrounds are 100% 2D renders...i can run Star Craft 2 at Mediumd settings with 50 fps... same resolution....come on Obsidian...
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