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  1. I get this error also, running Pillars on a Macbook Pro with an external LG 4K monitor connected via display port. Also selecting or un-selecting "run in full screen" does nothing for me in options, when I am just running on the laptop and not the external display. Something unique to my situation you may be able to fix - I run the monitor in portrait mode (taller than it is wide). Whatever automatically scales the game to fill the screen ALWAYS expands to full the full height of the screen - as a result a ton of the game screen is cut off on the left and right. This is important as
  2. An update from my previous report (I was having issues running the application on an external monitor in portrait orientation). I tried launching the application just on my laptop, with the external monitor disconnected. That worked, but when I went into graphics options and tried to turn off full-screen mode, it has no effect (it would only run full-screen on the laptop). I switched back to the external monitor, and now it is back to running windowed there. But it does not help, because my monitor is portrait and the game tries to use the full height of the screen in a window that
  3. I have the same issue, only my screen is black at the outset, I cannot use the menu. System note: I have an external monitor that I use with the laptop (Retina Macbook pro late 2013, also has discrete graphics card) closed. The resolution is 2160x4096 (not a typo, it's a 4K LG monitor that I use rotated vertically). The path I took was: Run the game, it launched in window mode - however the sides of the game were cut off, with large black bars at top and bottom of the screen. I could not change the window size by dragging the edges. Thinking it would fix things, I switched to fu
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