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  1. This was brought up in the thread about recruited adventurers not being able to interact with anything that required mechanics and a dev asked for a new thread about it. So, here it is. I am running a MC + 5 recruits party and post patch none of my recruits say anything ever (as well as having the mechanics bug that is well documented).
  2. I hadn't noticed the loss of voices from my recruited adventures, because i was focused on not being able to open anything with the mechanics skill, but it looks like all 5 of my recruited characters lost their voices too.
  3. I am having the same problem. Hopefully it gets fixed soon. I was really enjoying my MC + 5 recruits playthrough, but without the ability to pick locks I won't be playing this party until it is fixed.
  4. I am having the same issue. My recruited cipher with mechanics cannot interact with anything that requires the mechanics skill. I loaded up a different save where my MC is my mechanics user and had no problem opening a locked chest. Guess that is game over for my MC + 5 recruits playthrough for now. This is a pretty game breaking bug.
  5. Minutes before the patch I was able to pick locks with mechanics, but after i restarted the game to get the patch I am no longer able to open locks well below my Mechanics skill level. I tried reloading and changing zones. I was even lucky enough to be very close to leveling my mechanics character so i tried leveling up and putting a new point in mechanics, but I am still unable to pick locks. This is in Ondra's Gift in case that matters.
  6. Reckless Assault seems to be suppressing itself because i tried to toggle it. I removed all my gear and equipped unenchanted weapons with no modifers that effected accuracy, deflection or +damage as well as deactivated my other modal ability without the Suppression effect disappearing. I loaded a much earlier save and the suppresion was not in effect, but i could force it to be suppressed by trying to toggle Reckless Assault off. However, when I tried to reactivate the modal ability the suppression would not go away. i was even able to get it to list each effect suppressed twice at one point. Is there a way to fix this? I feel my rogue is still doing fine, but that extra accuracy and 20% damage sure would be nice. Thanks for any help.
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