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  1. This is a feature for me. Nothing more annoying than getting a new shiny that is useless. Or, games that constantly drop rare named loot that has very minor differences. This game is about story. You can enchant a couple of the same "models" for different uses and put them in slots. I for one am sick of loot fests. Fine for Diablo which is deep as a puddle without, but not worrying about 200 different named swords that all suck compared to the one you use is a nice change. More time to read the content. There are special items btw. Just not at every drop.
  2. yeah. I have zero rogues, and 2 points max in sneak. I don't sneak anything. I have a proper formation. Also, you have issues with tanks getting aggro and wizards being glass canons? I don't see how using each member of a party to proper function is an issue. "Limiting playstyle"? No, it's not the kind of game where you can melee with your mages at no penalty. Managing engagement is the whole point of the system. It is decidedly different than BG. So what. Not BG.
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