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  1. Are you playing as a male or female? If as female then it's OK, if as male then yeah, some gender links seem to be messed up (like the names of all classes if you play a woman main character)
  2. Betting dollars against peanuts that this should say "w pełnieniu obowiązków" which would make it somewhat better
  3. Here's one significant game play bug that I noticed, that appears in the Polish, Russian and French versions. The merchant Peregund does not show her wares in Copperlane when asked to do so. The dialogue window just flickers and nothing happens. Seems that some trigger isn't linked properly or whatever magic is used to relate the dialogue to the trade screen is failing This is particularly annoying as she's one of few vendors who sell traps (if not the only one).
  4. I have a funny feeling that some spells were changed during development and something that was initially translated for the wizard, eventually became the priest's spell. And my guess is nobody thought of updating the translations As for Durance/Niezłomny... Durance is, among other meanings, an archaic form for "endurance", so Niezłomny is a pretty good choice. Not sure if that was the meaning the creators intended but judging from his monologues (he's a talkative fella, isn't he?) it seems quite suitable, given how he's been enduring the trials and all that.
  5. These have been reported before. They seem to show up in most (if not all) localised versions, not just Polish.
  6. And you would be right. Must be some strings that have either been changed late by Devs or not sent for translation. One more item in the Polish version, probably caused by the same reason, is the "Black Hound" - if you take it with you, he's highlighted as "Black Hound" instead of "Czarny Ogar".
  7. One more interface element - in the Game options, the Area Loot Radius slider is not translated and shows in English. It should say "Zasięg podnoszenia łupu (m)" instead, or something along these lines. See screenshot attached.
  8. Another reported problem - (spoiler?) when the Black Hound is "recruited", its name remains in English (as Black Hound, instead of "Czarny Ogar"). Edit: screenshot attached.
  9. I wonder if it's not related to your screen's resolution. The text on my screen looks absolutely fine (the same dialogue).
  10. Hi Guys, so far only one thing of note - the Polish version of the game shows the "Enchant" button in English when you right click on item details. It should be showing "Zaklinanie". See attached screenshot.
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