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  1. iroll20s, god Max level is 12, given its stats and how the fight carries out, and it's insane health, you probably need a max level party with some fairly dank gear. To give you an idea of how tough it is - In my 'mess around' save I had three archers with 100 might and dexterity, and the fight still took upwards of 3 minutes.
  2. So, the issue seems tied to modifying character models and their portraits. It freezes if you change equipment, but not if you change potions. The issue really rears its head when you're loading old saves. Have a 13 hour save file that Took 5+ minutes to load because the game locks up in what I assume is its attempt to load the characters. It's also 'temporary' in so far as after a certain amount of time all this disappears and load times normalise - but if you quit the game and launch back in, it resumes. THe game is nigh unplayable until this point - if I want to play the game 'as intended' it looks like I'll have to 'warm it up' by leaving it on for over an hour, and then coming in to see if the load times fix itself.
  3. As the title says, the game 'hangs' every time I enter or modify the inventory, and when selecting portraits during character creation. Everything else works fine thus far.
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