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  1. I think, that's abnormal. The only way to get injury is either be knocked out in combat or in scripted iterations. Grieving Mother got one after she cleansed Aelys of the transfusion in my current run but I believe it's count like scripted iteration. And Eder was knocked out once getting another injury. Apart from these two cases, I don't remember I have ever received any. Maybe in Cilant Lis saving Haedan (scripted iteration). Under what circumstances Alyssa got one? edit: In PoE2 walking on a trap could also result in injury, and it's possible during a combat if she walked over a trap maneuvering the battlefield. And a combination of Combusting Wounds + Wall of Flames gives you a Serious Burn. I don't know if it's also true for PoE1.
  2. I haven't run Expert mode myself but have most of those options off anyway and according this info there will no more Maim Companions Before Death, AoE Highlighting and Show Relative Defenses (i.e. the % popup on enemies comparing their known defense scores to your accuracy when you target them with weapon or spell) and other easy-of-use options. The Upper-Left window, showing their current status effects is still available, I believe. So all in all, it's not a big deal, especially for BG experienced player. It's really convenient to have AoE highlighting but when you get used with game mechanic you'll be fine with it Off. And for melee heavy party you don't need it On either.
  3. Yeah, that's exactly how I play too. Feel far more RP this way (reminds me my Planescape: Torment times).
  4. Nice crew you get there, FNGRenegade. Looking forward to see how they will fare. (Nerdy note - TCS means Triple Crown Solo run, so that's not applicable to your current run).
  5. @Alesia: all the best with an exploration of the unknown! And according to my feelings, Alyssa's portrait perfectly suits her class - she definitely seems ... unusual to me.
  6. @Alesia: your impression with Ciphers is pretty much close to mine (I've ran a main character Cipher once and had Grieving Mother another run). I barely used beam spells (it's quite a chore to micro them) and mostly shoot with bow/wand/scepter, building focus for crowd control/defensive spells. I like a general concept of a class though and think it would shine in multiclassed character in PoE2.
  7. Yuppers! We'll open another thread in the PoE 2 forum when some of us are ready to transition. I'd prefer to have at least a few of us active and ready to post on the day the thread opens, to get things off on the right foot. I'd be happy to accommodate others on the timing. Arcadia is ready for export. I'll hold her in reserve until someone else is ready to go. I don't think, it's a matter of 'spoilers' that should be taken in consideration here. If one doesn't want to be spoiled, he will not follow a PoE2 part no matter where it will be posted - here or in PoE2 forum. At the moment we all (except maybe Enuhal) are newbies in PoE2, so each and every post of PoE2 will contain spoilers. And we all play at a very different pace. So if we are interested in our friends runs - we read their posts, if we want to avoid spoilers - we skip them. At least for some time. But that somewhat diminishes all their efforts then... Moreover, some of us usually concentrate on main quest and minimize side-questing, others prefer a completionist approach, so the former will always witness some spoilers following the other runs. Personally, I would prefer a one joint thread here since in my opinion it's more convenient - like on Beamdog's forums. If a majority will decide otherwise though, I'll not complain... too much.
  8. I got mine (Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire - Obsidian Edition with all three DLC) for $34.99 in May. Usually there is big Christmas discount on Steam so you'll not wait too long.
  9. Glad you've made it through, @semiticgod! One note for the future if you have not yet found out yourself already - casting Circle of Protection and applying Scroll of Defense sumultaneously is pointless, unless their AoE not cover all the characters or you want a wider AoE, since they are not stack. Scroll has better Def and duration overall.
  10. Congratulations, Alesia! Your Thaos' fight is no less then a jewel of art and beauty. It's an unspeakable pleasure to witness such thorough approach.
  11. Sorry for thy loss, Jaheiras Witness... I guess, one of the many other reasons (unlucky events, RL distractions etc.) of premature end of no-reload run is when it begin to seem too easy... Sure thing, it's just a game, no need to take it as a hard work - there is no fun at all in that case. But I think, a certain degree of concentration doesn't hurt in any case. I might be wrong, but it seems to me that Dragon Thrashed became both a boon and a bane for you... It was a great run nonetheless and I hope to see another one from you.
  12. The Tale of Gloomy Face: Hearth Orlan, Druid - Chapter V: Raedric’s Hold. I’ve thought that it’s time to deal with Raedric already. And check my luck if I can get those famous Gloves of Manipulation. Before going to the Hold we’ve purchased The Dunryd Demon for myself and Hermit’s Hat went to Xoti. We also hired Glanfathan Soul Hunter, a special guest who came by at the moment, to help us protect Caed Nua. En route to the Hold we explored Woodend Plains a bit more where we dealt with a lone Pwgra but Forest Lurkers were left alone again (for now). My goal for the Raedric’s Hold was a quiet infiltration. Not a single guard should be killed – they are just soldiers on duties after all. And as it turned out after Kolsc claimed the Hold they all stayed out there with a new ruler. That’s fine with me and people of Gilded Vale need protection – I can’t stay there forever. We enter through the sewers once again, free Giacco, got some Berathian Priest Robes and talked our way through to Nedmar twice. He gave us Burnished Steel Key and we sneaked through the throne room to Ygrid’s bedchamber. Removing the trap on the chest there gave us enough experience for Pallegina to advance up to level 7 (Liberating Exhortation). With a pumping heart I opened the chest and… Yay! The Gloves of Manipulation! This is the first time ever I put my hands on them. Pallegina found a Minor Bracers of Deflection in nearby room, we applied some food buffs and took an audience with Lord Raedric. He was astonished by our quiet infiltration capabilities (his guards were ashamed) and we listened his end of story, learning some new things about Kolsc et all. But he wasn't convincing enough so a fight ensued. Eder>Wood Beetles, Pallegina>Scroll of Protection, Xoti>Scroll of Defense (it has better protections and duration than Circle of Protection spell), Aloth>Scroll of Valor, Gloomy Face>Returning Storm. Next round Xoti>Blessing followed with Painful Interdiction and Dire Blessing (just a misclick here, no need for Blessing), Aloth>Slicken, Gloomy Face>Autumn's Decay. At some moment all enemies except Archer and one Wizard were either prone or stunned, Aloth depleted his Arcane Assaults and then we just mopped them all with auto attacks: All what is left is to casually loot the whole castle and check what Osrya is now about. Apparently, she is not quite happy with the change of the ruler but since she doesn’t attack us on sight I left her alone. Well, for level 7 party this quest is not challenging at all, so, I think, next time I’ll try it a bit earlier. At least pre Defiance Bay. Now, since I don’t want to go for main quest until I finish all Act I/II side quests, I think, I’ll try my skills on Endless Paths a bit. Current state: Gloomy Face - Druid (lvl 7); Stealth:0; Athletic:1; Lore:1; Mechanics:10; Survival:4; Talents: Veteran's Recovery>Bear's Fortitude>Superior Deflection; Equipment: The Dunryd Demon, Aru-Brekr Brigandine, Minor Cloak of Protection, Minor Ring of Deflection, Ring of Overseeing, Gloves of Manipulation, Fulvano's Boots, Fine Hunting Bow/Hearth Harvest+Fine Hatchet; Eder - Fighter (lvl 7); Stealth:0; Athletic:3; Lore:8; Mechanics:0; Survival:7; Talents: Rapid Recovery>Vulnerable Attack>Superior Deflection; Abilities: Knock Down (auto)>Confident Aim>Disciplined Barrage>Armored Grace; Equipment: The Pilgrim's Lasting Vigil, Sanguine Plate Armor, Cloak of Eothasian Priest, Minor Ring of Deflection, Minor Ring of Protection, Boots of Stability, Blunting Belt, Whispers of Yenwood (Burning Lash)+Oidhreacht/Fine War bow; Aloth - Wizard (lvl 7); Stealth:0; Athletic:3; Lore:9; Mechanics:2; Survival:5; Talents: Blast>Penetrating Blast>Bear's Fortitude; Equipment: Aloth's Leather Armor, Drinking Horn of Moderation, Healing Hands, Minor Ring of Protection, Engwithan Scepter/Fine Rapier+Fine Small Shield; Grimoire: Level 1 - Fan of Flames, Slicken, Chill Fog, Minoletta's Minor Missiles; Level 2 - Curse of Blackened Sight, Infuse With Vital Essence, Combusting Wounds, Bulwark Against The Elements; Level 3 - Expose Vulnerabilities, Fireball, Llengrath's Displaced Image, Arcane Dampener; Level 4 - Essential Phantom, Minor Arcane Reflection; Xoti - Priest of Eothas (lvl 6); Stealth:0; Athletic:2; Lore:8; Mechanics:0; Survival:5; Talents: Interdiction>Painful Interdiction>Weapon and Shield Style; Equipment: Hermit’s Hat, Plate Armor, Father’s Teeth, Fulvano's Gloves, Minor Ring of Protection, Ring of Overseeing, Gaun's Share+Fine Large Shield/Gyrd Haewanes Stenes; Sagani - Ranger (lvl 7); Stealth:3; Athletic:1; Lore:7; Mechanics:0; Survival:6; Talents: Agile Retreat (auto)>Resilient Companion>Vicious Companion>Merciless Companion; Abilities: Wounding Shot (auto)>Predator's Sense>Stalker's Link>Driving Flight; Equipment: Footpad’s Hood, Fine Hide Armor, Cape of Deflection, Bartender's Ring, Minor Ring of Protection, Massuk Hunting Bow/Fine Dagger+Fine Hatchet; Pallegina - Palladin (lvl 7); Stealth:0; Athletic:3; Lore:8; Mechanics:0; Survival:5; Talents: Deep Faith>Veteran's Recovery>Superior Deflection; Abilities: Faith and Conviction (auto)>Flames of Devotion (auto)>Lay on Hands>Zealous Focus>Liberating Exhortation; Equipment: Pallegina's Breastplate, Minor Cloak of Protection, Minor Bracers of Deflection, Shod-in-Faith, Gaun’s Pledge, Justice/Fine Arbalest; to be continued...
  13. In this video (max level upscaled PotD) Thaos do use Dominate at least three times (8:23, 11:18, 13:23). But in other videos he definitely use confusion, instill doubts, pillar of holy fire, cleansing flame etc. far more often.
  14. And you've just killed one of the best/strongest Caed Nua's hirelings, what a loss... Great progress and perfect battle approach. Keep rocking!
  15. Why? Doesn't he deserve a proper punishment? Yep, to complete the 'Brave Derrin' quest you don't need to, but what about 'triumph of justice first of all'?
  16. @Enuhal: I agree that for Shod in Faith to proc reliably having average deflection is a boon but I still don't like to dump any stats below 10. I've also checked a wiki about all those Deadfire Pack items, and truth be told I find them a bit 'over the top' for PoE 1.
  17. @Alesia: got it, thanks for explanation! @Jaheiras Witness: I really don't like min-maxing approach. Glass cannons are surely impractical, especially for no-reload. On the other hand purely defensive builds, a 'walking fortresses', able only to soak loads of damage and very little else, don't attract me either. I like my characters to be 'real'.
  18. But does the development of a magician as a melee brute not pursue the same goal - 'to maximize its greatest weakness, physical damage dealing'? Which you are making now with Arcadia. The only difference I can see is ranged vs melee approach.
  19. That surprises me. I appreciate why Jaheiras Witness used Yenwood with his solo chanter, but in party play Shame or Glory seems a better choice, in most circumstances. At present I have Pallegina wielding Shame or Glory. It's great. It allows her to wield a shield while significantly increasing the efficiency of her off-tank who can be specialized for damage. With Shame or Glory + Coordinated Attacks, she can toss a +20 over to Eder, radically increasing his hit and crit percentages. And those bonuses can be applied to whatever weapon we choose, including weapons with on crit effects, such as Starcaller or weapons with +0.5 crit damage modifiers. I'm tempted to respect Eder with Ruffian + dual-wield, in the interest of seeing what he can do with Resolution + Purgatory +20 Acc. I think it would work nicely. Make sence. The thing is that I have a single sword-wielder in the party (Eder) and Pallegina is always a two-hander - I just don't envision her otherwise. When I build a character I'm trying to avoid of making the most effective outcome at the cost of losing the 'theme' of a person. For example, Mazzy would be a beast wielding Ravager but a Halfling lass with huge halberd or some two-handed sword seems a bit weird looking. The same way using Outworn Buckler makes Pallegina more effective defensively but again, a Paladin with tiny shield... I don't use items just because they exist in the game world and looks attractive. Such as? I take Aloth, train him to use Blast/Penetrating Blast, give him Engwithan Scepter and later Golden Gaze and as a result have him able to 'stun-lock' the enemies via autoattack interruption, bypass DR and apply 'free' Expose Vulnerabilities (which you need on PotD anyway). I don't use Dangerous Implement (or any other approaches based on 'low health advantages') since I don't like my characters to be hurt (that's why Monks aren't of any interest to me). And he still is able to cast all of wizard's nukes and buffs if needed. What sacrifices does he make in this case?
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