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  1. Is it worth it to open it? Not sure if I should give it back or open it.
  2. In all honestly I find it inconsiderate that I purchased the game only to find out I was only able to get 4 hours out of it before I ran into a game breaking bug. Not only that, but they seem to lack communication within the community. No updates, no news, no nothing. I am told that I have to wait until this week or maybe next week just so that I can play a game that I purchased last week? What happened to micro patches? Why am I waiting on some gigantic patch when they can just send out micro patches in waves to allow people to actually play the game.
  3. Is this game going to support dual core cpus such as the Intel G3258 or G3220? I ask this because the minimum requirements are labeled as an i3 which is a dual core w/ hyper threading. If its going to require an i3 at minimum it means that the game is going to be following the suit of Dragon Age Inquisition and Farcry 4. I really hope 50% of the gaming market isn't going to be isolated here, I was really looking forward to this.
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