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  1. I played the game on Xbox One X. When I play, ventilation is very loud on the console. Today the X shut itself off today, and got a message about overheating. My console is well ventilated. On Reddit other got the same problem. Any idea?
  2. It was in fact a 4.0G patch, patch 3.03 confirmed has landed on GOG
  3. I have a bug with Sagani. I can't activate Marked Prey, the game tells me that it's alreay on. However when I check every ennemy no one seems to me marked. Any clue on this?
  4. I think I need glasses. I'm pretty sure the + sign wasn't there before, but now it's there. Ok thanks!
  5. Perharps I don't understand well the game mechanic, but I created a companion at the inn. Is rather weak comparerd to my other party members, and I noticed he never leveled up. He's EXP is right now 3320/3000. So is my character at the max, so I must discard him and recruit a new one, or it's a bug and party member should level like any other?
  6. I have a three year old Asus with 4gb ram and a 550m videocard. Game runs like a charm on high settings. Excellent news! The more I read about this game the more I want to play.
  7. Great. Thanks for the info. If someone has been testing this on a laptop le me know what you think. I look forward to this game.
  8. Good day all of you. I just heard about this game. It looks amazing and maybe I will buy it if it perform well on my laptop. I have an ASUS N550JV, so basicly i7 4700 Nvidia GT750m 8GB RAM I recently saw that the minimum spec were updated on Steam. So far I think I'm ok but my graphic card is below recommended a bit. Divinity Original Sin suffer when I play on HIGH on certain occasion, can be ok when tweaking graphic option. Please guys let me know what you think.
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