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  1. It's no fun with a character in the actual game thats looks nothing like your portrait. I find it much easier to make a portrait out of an ingame character model than to make a portrait from scratch that looks like an ingame character model. I'm still learning and this is my latest try (Dwarven Fanatic) as an animated GIF (before and after): Basically I have taken care of some polygons that looked less than good and added shadows, highlights, a new background and some brush strokes. It looks real well in the game (at least I think so). The watercolor versions are still something of a pain for me (despite tips from all you talented people here). But I'm getting closer with every try:
  2. look at more Reply Options to at attachments. Took me a while to figure out too. Finally! A thousand thanks @Logain!
  3. If you don't have a web link you can upload it using the attachment option. I can't see any such symbol in the interface. How on earth can this be so complicated?? I have thousands on posts on other forums and work with computers every day.
  4. I have to be an idiot. How do you post a photo to a thread in this forum? I only get the option to paste a web link when I push the image icon above (the post editor), not a popup where I can upload an image file. I have never experienced this before on any other forum. Thanks for any help!
  5. After hours of frustration, I finally found a way to get the old brushes back: https://www.photoshopessentials.com/basics/restore-legacy-brushes-photoshop-cc-2018/
  6. Could anyone recommend what brush to use in Photoshop (CC) in order to get a good oil paint look for PoE 2? There used to be a mixer brush (with the number 25, IIRC) that worked real well, but now it's all "Kyle's brushes this" and "Kyle's brushes that"... *confused*
  7. It's a shame you can't just pick him up at the beginning. This would have made sense RPG-wise, as you receive his letter right away as well. On a sidenote, I find it ironic that a lot of the monster you meet are resistant to many of his spells. The Priest of Rymrgand relies heavily on cold damage, while a lot of monsters (naturally) in that geography have cold resistance... For this reason, I would love to take him away to warmer lands asap. :-D
  8. Have gone through the game two times now and started to make portraits out of screenshots (feels almost like reverse engineering). I edit them extensively in PS though. Wanted to show an example but apparently can't upload images to this forum?? Only URL links to images are allowed? (Could be connected to the fact that I've only posted three times before and for some reason need approval...) However, I agree that the watercolor version is a pain, am still experimenting there... Has anyone cracked the code yet?
  9. Go into the start menu and in the search bar type cmd, right click it and click "Run as Administrator". Thanks @Ekital. I was almost there... :-D
  10. I'm not very familiar with being in the Command Prompt. When typing in according to instructions, I get "access denied". But I seem to be logged in as an administrator. Any ideas?
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