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  1. So everething sounds fine to me but one question. Whats the point in doing combat then anyway. I mean combat is dangerous maybe some one will die, I will consume a lot of health and mana potions or scrolls, armour will be damaged etc. why should I choose the fighting way then when I could finish a quest just by lockpicking the backdor and get the same reward without risk? There has to be a benefit from combat I think or there has to be a risk in taking the other way. Maybe loose some lock picks or spending money on bribing someone etc.
  2. Lets take a look at Clarkes 3rd law: "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." You can turn the whole thing around If magic is common enough you don't need technology (and workers), that would be a society of magicians. So thats the reasen why in any fantasy I know magic is a rare thing. But when its rare and powerfull it's a real force, so magicians would be either the Kings of such a world or the would be the prey of the kings. So the conclusion is: magic must be rare but it although needs to be less powerfull.
  3. I think you are wrong. Electricity is going the easist way so it never would go through the body when it can go over the metallic surface. As long you are not wearing gumboots you are perfectly safe in plate mail. Look at him
  4. Hi! Maybe you should consider the thing that each type of armor has special abilities beside the simple idea of protection. You told about the issue that a plate mail gives you a penalty on dexterity, this sounds realistic. Think about designing armor for special purpose. For example a hide or fur armour could give you a bonus on frost resistance so this would be your best choice when fighting in snowy areas or against a frost dragon, prefered by vikings or barbarians from the north. A plate mail could give resistance to electric magic but prevent you from swimming, we see the witch hunter
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