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  1. OK so wasn't just me lol. No wasn't really thinking full blown animated sequences just some slight movement but won't hold my breath.
  2. Yes it would be. Nothing wrong with hard work. Either way it is a suggestion for enhancing the experience imo and not one that I would a) expect overnight and b) expect for free.
  3. Playing last night I though I saw one of the monsters on the cards slightly move (may or may not have been my due to my 'medication') but started thinking it would be neat to take advantage of the digital format and have an option to see fully animated cards - like a digital/classic option for cards.
  4. Funny you mention that... And maybe some exclusive free ones for people who purchased season pass? *cough*
  5. Two issues I found in Quest Mode: One has been mentioned - small amount of blessings in timer deck. I only have 5. Secondly I tried to start a Quest party with Valeros, Seoni, Kyra, and Harsk but game would freeze on the loading screen when I tried to start the session and kept freezing after rebooting app with this specific combination of characters three times in a row. I then tried to start Quest mode minus Kyra and it worked (with 5 blessings in timer though lol). I haven't tried any other combos yet. ***Sorry just noticed quest freeze has been mentioned, please consider my post as a 'same here' post. "
  6. I am also experiencing this - 5 blessings in the timer deck.
  7. To add to what Cainhu said also note that most armors only prevent Combat damage and not other types of damage such as Acid, Fire, etc. This was a common mistake a lot of players made when the table version first came out.
  8. Gonna keep saying it but really loving the game. If it's okay would like to suggest few things that would improve the experience imho. I think sound effects for the cards would be awesome especially monsters. Would also suggest this be optional. I think it would be neat to be able to keep rolling dice as long as you down on the pad and roll off when you let go of the swipe motion to simulate rolling dice. Also I know the dice in the game are the ones in the table game which makes sense but would be neat to get different styles maybe for a small amount of gold? Peace and thanx for the great game totally worth the wait!
  9. Just finished the tutorial and Brigandoom! I picked up on it quickly and have to say I am super impressed so far and barely scratched the surface. The animations, music, and artwork make it feel very lively. Congratulations Obsidian team!
  10. Will all the adventure packs be included right off the bat? Would be a huge turn off if we have to buy individual expansions.
  11. Looking good! Just picked up Sentinels of the Multiverse on iOS which I'm loving and have really high hopes for PACG. Any tighter windows on release yet?
  12. I would like to see isometric exploration and character interactions done similar to Divinity Original Sin. For combat I'm split between a point system similar to Divinity or something more traditional like squares as you would see on a tabletop game of Pathfinder. Either way I think it should be turn based if you are looking to replicate a tabletop experience. Or if you are going with a cRPG style one of my favoruite RPG combat systems was Dragon Age Origins but not a fan of Baldurs Gate combat. Combat should have awesome animations not just the same wack to enemies. Maybe close ups of the action during attacks. Crits should be brutal especially crits that kill off the enemy. I know that would be hard because you would have to make various animations for different enemies but would love to see it. I would love to see actual dice rolls for combat and other interactions (or at least option to see them). Hell maybe even as some cheap DLC thing you can sell various styles of dice or have some cool ones you can win in game.
  13. I'm sorry but that review was terrrible. Admittedly I enjoy the game but I certainly wouldn't say that it's the greatest game ever or doesn't have its faults but any game is going to sound boring when you reduce it to it's core mechanics. Yes you flip a card and roll the dice to try to beat or gain the card but there is also a timer, various rules that change depending on the scenario, various interactions that can be had between characters with powers, various consequences if you get a bad roll, and more. This game may use the Pathfinder brand, but that doesn't mean you are getting the same experience. If anything I consider PACG more of a dungeon crawler card game than a RPG or deck builder game. Despite lack of tiles or minis it probably has more in common with the D&D adventure games than any other game I can think of. Yes there is a randomness and luck involved because you have dice and shuffled cards but tons of games have that and I would agree that victory sometimes has more to do with luck than strategy but its not completely lacking in strategy. PACG isn't the game I was hoping for (keeping wanting some kind of Descent, PACG, Mage Knight, LOTR LCG hybrid lol) but hardly a bad game.
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