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  1. Increasingly long save-times are still what keeps me from playing the game. I know there may be other issues of higher priority- and limited resources for the ongoing support process- but if optimizations in this department are still on the table, and if there's anything we (the players) can provide in terms of save-games or detailed reporting of behavior, then do let us know. Thanks!
  2. Will the new save format speed up saving and/or loading games?
  3. There was another thread about this, which is now locked. I posted a work-around: It's not ideal, but it will allow you to play the game in window-mode.
  4. I'm hearing the excessive sibilance, too. If there were some way I could reliably de-ess the audio and batch-schedule the processing (plus format conversions, if any), then I would give it a shot. Otherwise, it's a daunting task with relatively little payoff.
  5. Hi guys, I have the same (or a very similar) issue but have managed to work around it. When the game starts and the screen goes black, hitting cmd+F repeatedly occassionally makes the menu appear for a very short moment before it disappears again. It seems you can still click the buttons by repeatedly alternating between cmd+F and clicking the button area. If you can make it into Options through the flickering menu, click the Resolution drop-down, select a lower resolution, and untick Fullscreen (if it's ticked). Then press escape. A prompt should appear the apply the change, and doing so
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