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  1. I've heard some peaple say that originally that is where you find Jedi Master Vash. Beyond that, there is little more I know, peaple have found diolouge concering the droid planet, but I've seen the module, and IMO it would be very diffucult to restore it.
  2. I usally pick Sith Lord/Jedi Master, mainly because you hear alot about them in the movies( ), and is supposidly the best class for force powers.
  3. I agree. Bastila is my favorite romance for all the reasons listed above.
  4. - Actually being able to join the sith, not gain a Sith prestige class, then all of sudden your forced to save some planet, go save peaple and other really pointless crap. - Being able to pull a hood over your head. - Kill your party members when you want, or when you make a certain decision(Like in KotOR 1). Well those would all have been awsome to do in KotOR 2, unfortantly I guess Obsidian is too lazy to put in effort into the DS storyline, so they just give us the lightside story with a few modifications.
  5. Or...perhaps Malak decided to carry out an attempt to overthrow Revan, but as fate would have it, the attempt on Revan's life resulted in the loss of Malak's lower jaw?
  6. When The Handmaiden says that to you, chances are she won't talk to you at all for the rest of the game. If you have an earlier saved game where she still speaks to you, I would suggest using that saved game instead. I think this happens when you have more influence with Visas than Handmaiden.
  7. I saw that not too long ago at Wikipedia ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Revan ). As for who severed Malak's jaw, I think it was purposfully left a mystery(or the writers were too lazy to think of someone).
  8. According to the StarWars.com Databank: "Malak was a tall human who was horridly injured in a lightsaber duel. A swipe from a laser sword severed his lower jaw, and Malak was forced to wear a metallic jaw guard that hid his disfigurement from view. The guard also included a vocoder, through which Malak spoke with an eerie metallic tone."
  9. Thank you for informing me that the duel between Mace and Palpatine was performed by real actors, I never would have known, honestly. I shouldn't have to read comics or novels to be able to form a conclusion, If George Lucas doesn't have the directing or writing skills to explain everything in the movie, then it is his problem and not the problem of the viewer. As for my post and argument being plain wrong, well I tried, I really did, oh well.
  10. We all seem to be forgetting the entire duel was staged by George Lucas, so what he says goes, if he decides that Palpatine was having an off day and Mace Windu legitimately beat him, or vice versa, then so be it. About Mace Windu being a great swordsman - That is also speculation, since we're judging by what we've seen in the movies, all I've seen so far is him defend from blaster bolts and cut a guy's head off(Omg, wow, he is teh r0xx0rz). As for the battle his battle against Palpatine - Just watch the movie again, the lightsaber fight between Windu and Palpatine is slow considered to the one between Yoda and Palpatine, reguardless of the reason, Palpatine was faking in the duel. Palpatine knew that he had to prevent himself from killing Windu at all costs, until the right time came. He purposfully used lightning, NOT to defend himself, but to make it seem like a struggle that he was loosing. To the person who will perhaps say this or any other posts are just speculation: OMG, I would have never known, considering that this entire subject is speculation.
  11. According to many of you, Mace Windu is the most powerful Jedi, but he sure wasn't the wisest. Anakin: Dude, don't kill him, I'll so pwn u, if u do. Windu: OMFG, I am teh r0xx0rz, I think I'll kill teh "old fart" instead of paying attention to the possible threat of the Jedi Knight next to me *raises saber* w00t Anakin: Die u stupid bastard *cuts his arm off* Windu: ahhhhhh!!!! ahhhh!!!! ahhhhh!!!! *dies* In my opinion, him beating the "old fart" and possibly being able to kill him doesn't really proove he's stronger, it just prooves he doesn't respect his elders. "
  12. So you're implying that a skill with a lightsaber is greater then one's connection/strength with the force? Yoda is stronger than Mace Windu, as hard as it may be to accept for some of you. If it's true that Mace Windu is stronger than Yoda, why is it Palpatine stayed to battle Mace Windu and his little Jedi group, but decided to attempt fleeing from Yoda? It seems he knew Mace Windu was never really a threat and decided to use him as a pawn to finnaly win Anakin's loyalty, and exterminate the Jedi. Palpatine also knew that against Yoda Palpatine might be risking his life, which is why he attempted to flee. But as it has been said before, it doesn't really matter. Mace Windu died; Palpatine lived.
  13. If it was a draw then it prooves Palpatine is quite strong in the force, enough to stand against Yoda, which I think we can all agree is the strongest Jedi in the force at the time. Then if he could hold up against Yoda in a contest of the force, but was earlier "beaten" by Mace just because he was kicked, does that not sound a little bit like a set up? Or does this proove that George Lucas can't direct for beans? I agree that Palpatine is not some sort of god, and he isn't behind everything, but really, when you look at everything it just points to Mace Windu getting ahead just being a set up.
  14. So, what if Palpatine lost to Mace Windu? In the end Mace Windu had to be scraped of the pavement while Palpatine enjoys life in his new Galactic Empire ". And isn't that all that really matters?
  15. Now when you think about it, the duel upto Anakin's arrival was genuine. But I still don't believe that Darth Sidious, who could throw senate rings as if it were nothing, and other such things, is defenseless just because his lightsaber was kicked out of his hand. If you like at the duel between Yoda and Darth Sidious, Sidious is moving alot faster than when he was fighting Windu. Also why is it that without trying Sidious could disarm Yoda of his lightsaber, and had a hard time holding off Mace Windu? But like someone said, wether Darth Sidious was faking or not, is just an assumption.
  16. You have a point about him reflecting the lightning. But there was alot more Darth Sidious could have done, yet didn't do. I really doubt it was because, "he didn't think of it at the time". He had plenty of time to plan what was going to occur that day, if you recall Anakin said to Palpatine, "I'm going to turn you over to the Jedi Council.". This would mean Darth Sidious would have plenty of time to plan something for when the arrive, I really doubt he just sat there waiting until they arrived.
  17. If Sidious was really fighting at his best, why didn't he use the force to pick up chairs and crap to throw at Mace Windu, then use lightning to throw him out off the building? Because he was faking, he killed the other Jedi to ensure that he could hold of Mace Windu until the correct time came.
  18. Darth Sidious knew Anakin is the one who had to kill Mace Windu, so Anakin would have no option but to join Darth Sidious. If Sidious killed Windu on his own, then it would look quite bad infront of Anakin, and we might not have episodes 4,5, and 6.
  19. I believe Mace Windu was able to corner Darth Sidious, but he would not have been able to kill him, Darth Sidious was pretending to be weak infront of Anakin, because after Anakin cuts Windu's hand off, Darth Sidious has no problem smiling and then electrucuting Mace Windu.
  20. I think he's Evil Smart DS, but not really as intelligiant as Darth Sidious, he may have been good at war tactics, and other related skills, but Darth Sidious managed to take over the republic, without having to declare a real war against them. But I think Revan falls more into that catagory then Very Evil DS, or LS and such.
  21. I found the Kotor 1 storyline more believable and entertaining. Kotor 2 had some major improvments, but storyline was just not one of them...It had the chance to succeed Kotor 1, but really messed up story-wise. Oh well
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