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  1. :D :D :D :D :D :D Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, I had a great laugh. :D :D Whenever I am said, I'll go back here and read it again. It will surely lighten up my mood no matter how sad I am. :D :D
  2. The child is a totally different character. They don't have to include Revan & Bastila/Carth directly (although it would be great if they do ). The option is there. Beside, playing as a child of Revan gives me a greater drive than playing another exile Really, I mean it. I grew too attached with the characters in KOTOR 1 , and I would like to do more adventures with them in the next sequel. It's also great if the crew from KOTOR 2 return as well. However, I am afraid that the ship may be too crowded After all, this is an RPG. You befriended with your crew; you grew attach to them through out the adventures. Now, it is sad if you don't see them again. Spending time with them in just one game doesn't seem enough to me. I just wish that I can be with my old friends again :cool: .
  3. Hi, I apologize for posting this topic at a different thread. I think this thread is the more appropriate place for the topic. Again, sorry about that!
  4. I was thinking if Revan should have an heir in KOTOR 3 If you choose Revan as a female, the child (son/daughter) can be a result of the romantic relationship between Revan and Carth. If you choose Revan as a male, the child can be a result of the romantic relationship between Revan and Bastila. :"> --------------------------------- Whether the child will be the main character (who seeks out Revan as its mother/father) in KOTOR 3 or not depends on OE and the developers :ph34r: --------------------------------- I would love to be Revan again. However, if I can't, then being his/her child would be great -------------------------------- Ok, ok, ok, I admit that the romance part in KOTOR 1 left me hanging there. I thought that it would be nice to see its further development (and I don't think that I am alone in this) :D
  5. Hmm... (1) How about making the jedi enemies utilize force powers much more frequently? It's nice to see lightsaber fighting. However, it would be more challenging to see a serious use of force powers from enemy jedi. In KOTOR II, I felt like it was a waste investing in "Force Resistance" and "Force Immunity". ------------------------- (2) How about the ability to create/customize HOT KEYS like in RTS games? When the battle starts, it would be nice to hit a hotkey to immediately activate a specific force power (like "1"-Heal; "2"-Choke; "3"-Knight Speed; etc.) It is frustrating to cycle through the list to select a desire force power every time a battle starts. ------------------------- (3) How about the option to RECORD the game (like making a movie) while playing it? While playing KOTOR 1, I wished that I could record my game. That way, I could make "movies" such as "The Romance of Revan and Bastila". Then, after finishing the game, I could go back and enjoy my movie on a sofa with popcorns and rootbear.
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