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  1. The only 1 question i have is: for the new story, you continue after main quest or you will have to restart a new one because they stay closed after the boss?
  2. I hope for the next (expansion or PoE2), your base be there again but you will have to upgrade them to real stronghold, receive a castle this time or take Readric castle. ^^
  3. Maybe if he would been presented the stronghold like a small domain with 1 wood tower, no keep and the dungeon Under the chapel , the players would have receive that better.
  4. The stronghold is a disappointment, and it's pretty obvious they didn't pay much attention to it during development. All they had to do was copy NWN2's keep, or even add a few meaningful quests like the ones you got in BG2's strongholds. That true, NWN2 stronghold are 100 times more fun, but i can see new good idea in this game.
  5. I like the stronghold but i find it can be really better...... For first look that is ok but i would like a little bit more....Maybe change the 8 mercenaries for trainer of troops, officer, sergent, recruiter, farmer, doctor, black Smith ... Organise patrol in the land and on the road, help village for win bonus prestige/security. For resume: Be more implicated in my land and with my milician or army each time i go to my stronghold. No need to do mission myself, just give order and receive result by my administrator. Maybe the situation can evolve in each expansion of the game...
  6. I see something like this in Nwn2 and i really like the idea to have a stronghold for my adventure. seriously i want this game now!!!!
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