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  1. i am kinda curious myself to see just how pronounced the diffarences will be when it comes to actually playing. i would have to agree with other posts that i have read that say that the diffarences between the jedi classes was not all that noticable in KOTOR 1, i couldn't really tell a diffarence other than the actual size of the PC. anyway i hope the diffarences between prestige classes will be immediately noticable, by either their look, or the look of the saber or whatever, and dfinitely have it be easily noticable in combat!! thats my 2 cents!! oh and i would hope that you have to r
  2. "Arguing about console vs. PC is like competing in the special olympics, win or lose, you're still retarted"- friend :ph34r:
  3. Jedi Master for me please! B) from what i have read so far these will be the high-level prestige classes u get to choose from in KOTOR 2!!
  4. ^good point as far as darth maul's guts spilling out when he got chopped in half...well maybe the lightsaber just instantly cauterized the wounds, so no guts could spill out. :ph34r:
  5. eh.. there basically is yes= absolutely, no=hell no, and a dont care= whao cares. i threw in the other ones for the hell of it(just for fun, a few more choices). i'll leave it the way it is i guess. i don't see 3 more options as a problem. thanks for the suggestion though, i see what u were getting at!
  6. just curious!! i loved it in outcast, but i really think it would be rad as a force power. just hold your hand up towards a dark jedi, and watch their arms going flying off their body. now that would be entertaining!!
  7. Hades... just f*** off!! your about as cool as Opus, and hes about as cool as rectal cancer. anyway.........back on topic!! TOPIC- "robotic limbs"
  8. beleive me when i say that i rarely lash out people like that. but i have lost count of how many times i have had to read some BS post from this Opus chick. I guess reading that last one was the straw that broke the camels back!! i just had to get that off my chest. sorry! enough is enough if u know what i mean!!
  9. what are u even doing here!?! just leave why don't u. everytime i visit this forum i run across a couple of your posts and they are always some stupid , negative, crap. they might not all be crap, but the majority are. making posts like the one above is just a waste of this forums space!! get it together guy, and stop being such a negative ****!!
  10. i'd have to say kotor with jedi knight a close second! although i haven't played galaxies yet, and now they have a expansion pack for it where u can have fights in space, so thats sounds pretty cool. i am also really excited about Republic commando, and battlefront. they both look they have the potential to dethrown kotor as the king of SW games. we shall see i guess!!
  11. well i will be crazy bummed out if they leave out the romance in kotor 2, cause in kotor 1 it was the most driving force (for me anyway), very inspiring!! i played for Bastilla. they gotta have a damsel in distress to save, what the hell kind of epic story doesn't have that?!! i'll keep my fingers crossed for a lil love action in kotor 2!!
  12. heh...it should be pretty interesting(entertaining), to see some of the weird rumours that get generated between now and release time!! too funny!!
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