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  1. I enjoy the combat in PoE significantly more than I did in D&D2 games. I'd agree on one point - I, personally, would drop the 'per rest' skills and make them all 'per encounter'. Expendable spells made more sense in D&D games but here, with classes like the Cipher, who can spam spells during every encounter, not so much. This could be balanced by decreasing the number of uses in each spell level. But that again, are my personal feelings. The other thing, which is a bit annoying - some of the buffs, Priests' in particular, could use a D&D like 'X hours' duration. I am not sure i
  2. Well, I'd bet good money on some kind of a save editor emerging that will enable free respeccing to anyone, who wants it. Therefore this crusade of people who are against said respec is pointless. You are arguing against something that will happen anyway. Furthermore, I must say, I do not understand you guys at all. This game is a classical single player RPG to be enjoyed as a comfy, personal experience. In the end, the decision of how a player envisions his character development and choices should is not a multiplayer gbe his. I think this could be remedied with something like a selectabl
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