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  1. I think i will never bougth another game from obsidian NVW 2 Will be a **** i think because KOTOR 1 is a great game but Kotor 2 Is A **** and => NVW 1 great, NVW 2 (lost my time and money)
  2. This is most ever Buggiest game of history realy bad work from guys of obsidian
  3. For some reason the game in nar shaddaa after deal whit the red slavers dosnt give me the mission to spoke whit GOTO and i cant board again the ebon Hauk That makes the end of the game This game is realy bad i dont think u have tested nothing and i have los my money whit it
  4. I cAn do nothing after defiting the Red Eclipse Slavers I have read :after defeat the red ... you ll have a call from somising called Visquis but nothing happend and i cant boad the ebon hau
  5. Where i can find the mod ? I need fix the workbench i dont like this glitch :
  6. This glitch is solved in the next patch?
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