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  1. My character is a bit of a Curious George, ie if there's a locked door I'm going to get through it. When I first got to Dyrford I got Mr. Lost-My-Pigs task, which sent me into Trygil's shop. Since I had been pumping mechanics I immediately see the locked door and pop it open. Trygil gets angry tries to jump me, of course 6 v. 2 doesn't go his way. Somewhat confused that Trygil was willing to fight to the death over a bit of lockpicking, I then go down the Mysterious Ladder and get greeted by crazy cultists and blood effigies and wtf with basically no context since I hadn't done anything with the Aelys quest yet. Fun times. On reaching the end I did kill the girl, only to later go back and re-do it when I found out about having a cipher. Killed the lord too because the alternative seemed to be he gets away with no consequences which didn't sit well with me. Should have thrown that guy in the jail, I got 9 open cells just being wasted...
  2. In case anyone stumbles on this thread via google etc looking for the gloves (as I did) here's an explanation from another thread about how loot works, by user Ruminate: Also from later in that thread, a couple users noted this regarding obtaining the gloves, which I also found to be true:
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