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  1. *gasp* You can get into the droid factory?! And secret areas on Trayus?! (w00t) (w00t) How? Please tell me how, and I shall be forever indebted to you.
  2. Bah...Juhani is so uber annoying. I don't understand why they made cat-woman join your party anyway. <_<
  3. The language of the Rodians is just awesome. ^-^ 'Tis indeed my favorite, but I have a confession...the other day whilst trying (emphasis on trying) to speak Spanish, I sounded rather like a Twi'lek.
  4. Ooh, Kreia, definately! I remember when I saw some teaser screens for the game before it came out, I'd see her and think, "Ok, I already don't like this person. Why do they stick an old woman in your group?" But now that I've played through the game (beat it this afternoon XD) I think she is quite...interesting. Her darkness is subtler, but it also runs deeper. In my opinion a better Sith is one who isn't perhaps so blatantly evil, where they run around with an "I'm sinister!" sticker on their forehead...but rather, one who is so corrupted...eh...I can't figure out how to end this sentence. Anyone know where I'm going with this?
  5. Hehe, yes indeed. So irritating, in fact, that I only used him once (in the tomb on Dxun. Yeah). Pah...he would have been an okay character if they changed his voice. And his face.
  6. *shakes head* Decisions, decisions... I guess for now, I'd have to say Jar Jar Binks. Though I also found Bastila annoying, and that G0-T0 droid was just...eh. Edit: Gah! I forgot about lil' Anakin spazz person. Eew. He's the most annoying person ever.
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