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  1. To be honest I was rather annoyed by her leaving because A) I never said I am gonna actually do the huana quest from the queen (while "accepting" the quest I was rather on idk, maybe side rather than YES LET ME DO IT), and then in the conversation with Maia there is like NO OPTION of simply saying "you know what, I won't do it, so please stay". All the answers are more like I will do everything to achieve my goal, or you need to undesrtand I am right option, which was really dissapointing. Yeah it's annoying that "accepting" the quest assumes you are like all in favor of it's objective. I would really like the option to let's say tell Maia, that you are not going to do it, which would like end the quest or something.
  2. Personally I did not notice any locked quests, even after progressing far in main storyline. However, I encountered some troubles with finishing quests because of starting some of them too late (that's like in chapter 3 though) For example I can not report one of my quests cause npc which I was supposed report to, moved to different area (because story progress), and only has later quest related dialogues available.
  3. The talk bubble leading to nothing issue happened to me like three times now, and always with Aloth. The others seem to work just fine for me.
  4. Ok so I got the whole quest chain with slave traders island (Picera), and it tells me to report to Aeldys in Deadlight. She is not there anymore however, cause she moved to Dunnage already (Furrante is dead). And when I talk to her there is no option to report the quest, all she talks about is the mission with the haunted ship. Sorry for not giving specific quest names, but I am playing polish version of the game so not sure what are original names for those. Maybe it's also worth mentioning previous troubles with it. I was in Dunnage when Furrante mentioned the slave traders island and it's quest. I moved to my ship and got two letters immediatly one was from Furrante about something important going on among Principi, and the second was from Aeldys, telling me to meet her to talk about that whole slave buisness. But at that point she was already not in Deadlight (cause was captured by Furrante), so I just went to the slave traders island immediatly skipping a step. So it seems like I was too far ahead with the storyline to be able to finish the quest, but in that case I feel like I should not get it at all or idk. I imagine there would be no problem if she was still in Deadlight. (I think I was also supposed to meet the other captain - Mad Morena, which is now with Aeldys in Dunnage, in Neketaka for different quest and I guess it's immposible now as well, but would have to double check it)
  5. I was simply going straight line north from Neketaka, found the ship quite high up around Magran's teeth archipelago. I think it had green sails (unless i remember it wrong)
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