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  1. I would want to see a mining planet, with machinery and acid rain from al lthe pollution....hmmm...I forget what planet it was on, but perhaps the planet in which th valley of the jedi is, I remember that from the Jedi Knight series of games. I dont even know if that exists at the time of KOTOr II though. Another idea is a planet that is entirely gas, and have floating platforms, like the Tibana gas platforms around cloud city from the movies. Either that or a planet of women...all women, in scanty clothing.
  2. I dunno if Yuthura Ban & Luxa would work out.... I mean, they both seem to be the dominating type in a relationship....most of the time when you have two strong-willed individuals in a relationship things dont work out. I mean look at most lesbian couples...you know, ones the "mmhhmm" and the other is the "uh oh"
  3. It's nice to know that at least one other person has had the problem of finishing the game...but hey, at least you got to see one of the endings.
  4. I would just like to give a warm congratulations to both LucasArts and Obsidian for all the anguish which I have endured while trying to play Knights of the Old Republic II. Not only have I not been able to complete the game becuase of bugs, but I have not been able to complete it 11 times. Yes, thats right, I have restarted 11 times, only to find that different bugs at different times have hindered the story line progression. I waited and waited for the patch to be released so that I might complete the game. However, with the new release I have found an entirely new slew of problems. I just u
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