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  1. Ummm... Yeah, sorry i double posted. Instead of clicking Preview I clicked Post. there's the actual poll on here somewhere.
  2. Well, I'm like a potluck stew. I'm just about the coldest, most sarcastic, most easily angered girl any1 of u will ever [not] meet. I'm good at keeping my face expressionless tho. Oh, and I'll beat the crap outta u if u insult me being the first and only girl on my school football team. Let's see... Bastila: Cuz I bottle all my feelings up and never tell them to any1 and I'm brash and impulsive. Oh, I can be kinda cold 2. Canderous: I like to threaten to kick your *** and I likely WILL if u piss me off enough. HK-47: We think so alike... Bao-dur: Smarter than thou art. Good with technol
  3. I liked all three of them. They're the best characters I've seen in RPGs since Planescape: Torment. Bastila had a good personality with a lot of background and the voice matched perfectly. [never thought of an English Jedi tho] Plus I'm a huge fan of Jennifer Hale. Carth was great too tho. A little too goody two-shoes than my taste but still a very strong char. Um... yeah totally HATED him... " Revan was the best! The plot twist threw me off so much I sat staring at the TV with my jaw dropped for so long my dad thought I was in shock. I was a clueless dolt. The game would have su
  4. Hmmm... Green and pink. Fogot red. Keeping this in mind for the next totally pointless spam poll...
  5. Yeah, oops typo. There's another separated one somewhere. I was experimenting.
  6. Yes its a wierd question but come on, you've all wondered I'm sure. Is it just me or did anyone else think she bears a creepy resemblance to handmaiden?
  7. Yes its a wierd question but come on, you've all wondered I'm sure. Is it just me or did anyone else think she bears a creepy resemblance to handmaiden?
  8. Hands Down, Carth and Atton. [Lapses dreamily into her own liittle world] " Oh, Wha...? Oh and of course Bastila because I loved her i'm gonna kick your ass and look sexy doing it attitude. Plus, voice and personality went together like milk and cookies. [she is after all named after a pastry. No, i'm dead serious!] Oh, and Bao-dur, Mira, and everyone's favorite HK-47. Plus then Visas. :cool:
  9. Atton, fully and completely What... oh! Did I say that out loud? " Oh and of course the ultimate avatar of sexiness, Sion! More [sigh]
  10. I dono if any of u ever got it, my fav was playing as LS male and getting the " How to Catch a man" cutscene thing with Mira, handmaiden, and Visas. It was the funniset thing in the game. I laughed so hard I had an asthma attack and almost died. Good times, good times... Then the whole " Mating with Visas thing." My parents freaked. What the hell kinda game you playing?! Real good times... Thirdly, anythig HK-47 says because I worship him and... well any idiot who played the damn thing knows why. He's so hilarious and he reminds me sorta of Morte from Planescape: Torment. I Chr
  11. Well, i dunno what the Hell's wrong with any 1 out there who actually LIKED Disciple. I hated him and i thought he ruined the whole game. He was the cheesiest char ever! And besides soooo creepy :ph34r: Did not like him Now, Atton's another story. Way better!
  12. So I just finished TSL. I didn't think it was anywhere near as good as the first one but it was okay though. <_< A lotta people have been sayin it and I'm one of em. What'd u think? Here's (10) why I didn't think so and sum of u might agree: 1) The chars were SOOO under done. I think Visas, Atton, and Mira were cool but they coulda been waaay better. 2) No offense OE but the influence system just plain SUCKED! I HATED IT! Made feel as if u HAD 2 talk 2 them and u didn't know when 2. 3) Peragus II was so <LOUD OBNOXIOUS YAWN> booorrriiiinnnng. 4) Four
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