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  1. My map was blurry and washed out as well, feel disappointed and kinda sour about it. I won't be backing physical reward tiers anytime in the future now.
  2. I bought a boxed copy of the game and then I pledged another $10 for playing cards...but I was unable to confirm the playing cards with the boxed copy because it was already confirmed and it shipped a few days later so now I have the $10 playing cards pledge, I'd like to add as an credit to the expansion but the expansion option is missing now and even then, it wouldn't let me buy the add on without buying another copy of the game, I emailed around a week ago support@obsidan.net and have yet to receive a response so I figured I try posting here. Thanks.
  3. There's something I'm confused about in this whole situation, I backed for the physical collectors editon and only got one key. The collectors edition includes all the previous digital tiers including the $80 reward tier which includes two digital keys, so shouldn't I be getting 3 keys in total if someone who backed $65 acquired two keys?
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