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  1. I think theres a patch for higher resolution for FO2 available from the NMA website.
  2. Ok Maybe he's more masculine than I gave him credit for but he's gotta understand the longer he keeps it up the louder the CODEX guys will laugh so if he doesn't want to keep giving them cheap thrills he should leave " well enough alone". First law of holes when you find yorself in one stop digging PEACE
  3. Listen to yourself man, here you are mouthing off about peoples lack of courage, attacks in the safety of the internet and your too scared to even put a country of origin in your sig you talk about people without testicles look to yourself. Sorry I apologise for stooping down to your level and implying you suffer from a lack of mannliness but I feel it's true and I am getting frustrated at your approach, you fell for Ex's joke which hurt your ego and now I'm sure they are finding you hilariously funny over at the codex but you gotta understand that the longer you keep this up the more amuse
  4. Visceris's problem is not the lack of believability of Ex's joke in fact it was quite the opposite now if your trying to inflame the situations with imputations on Vis cognitive powers please cease and desist as it is unhelpful. PEACE
  5. Thats the problem you have taken Ex's creative little april fools joke and personalised it into an attack on you. It wasn't about you never was, never will be, sadly your only one person. Ex's joke was about fooling a communitie and it worked brilliantly so just appreaciate how fortunate we, the communittee are to be in the presence of a comic genius cause you, Ex and/or myself may not be here tomorrow. PEACE
  6. Lets all try and remain a bit mature here guys, personal insults will get us no where. Just put that complete brilliant April fools prank down to Ex's high spirits.
  7. i'm doing my best to calm it all down in my speacial PC way :D
  8. What bring you to this neck of the woods?
  9. Vis i've just seen a photo, it might pay to take the advice about stress levels seriously, its for your own good man.
  10. Mate of mine had his first at 19 and second at 22
  11. You really should try to lighten up, you'll wind yourself up so much you'll have a heart attack and no one wants that.
  12. If true that is disapointing but even so we should move on, forgive and forget all that good stuff
  13. fortunately for me Vis my experiences at the codex have been different, maybe you just encountered a single bad apple or something.
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